May 2008
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Wildlife, Bill C-51, WICHA & Fundraising For Breast Cancer Research
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Assistance Requested Weekend To End Breast Cancer Fundraising

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Your help or fundraising support for a great cause is requested on Saturday May 31, 2008. I am participating for the fourth time in the Montreal Weekend To End Breast Cancer. We are having a fundraising BBQ at the IGA on Du Salaberry in DDO between 10AM and 4 PM. I could certainly use a few extra pair of hands to help flip burgers in order to help me raise my minimum $ 2000. Please let me know at 514-998-3863 if you can commit to helping me on a couple hours of your Saturday. Alternately if you are able to donate monetarily to my walk please click here.  In the meantime, another great thing to do is to click to give free mammogram at no cost to you. Please follow this link.  Thank you in advance for all that you can do, you are helping to save lives!
Your Natural Pharmacy
Ginger Root
Each month I like to feature a food or substance that has known effective medicinal properties. Today I would like to talk about Ginger. Ginger root has been proven to relieve nausea and vomiting in pregnant women and is substantially safer than some anti-nausea drugs. Ginger is also very effective in alleviating
gastrointestinal distress. Ginger tea or adding ginger to your fruit and vegetable dishes is a great way to fit it into your regimen. Only small amounts are necessary to be effective and Ginger is available year round. Please consult your physician if you have any persisting issues. 
     First I would like to welcome all the new people added to receive this month's e-mail campaign. Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of meeting many new people through either the Health and Wellness Expo in Vaudreuil, the MiB Lifestyle Mall and various other meetings in and around the West Island. Ideally I'd like to follow up with everyone individually following our meeting, but with a full time at home practice, a little one in school, and WICHA to keep in operation I find myself catching up on communications usually between 9 PM and midnight, and that just seems too late to call people. Instead, I am expressing my sincere welcome to you here in writing.
      Over the past few weeks it seems as if my in-box has been inundated with information of the rather negative kind. I have been sifting through the bulk of it wondering if it is all bad news or is there a reason for it. I have come to the conclusion that this information is being made available to us so that we may take action and do something about the state that we are in. This newsletter, although it seems to be the bearer of bad news this month, is my way of sharing some of this information with you in the hopes that you too will take action and then continue to share the information with others. You will find links to places where your vote and opinion count, please take a few minutes and follow through, the only way to encourage change in this world is is to become that change (a little something I am borrowing from Gandhi).
Bill C-51  Natural Health Product Legislation
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      I never wanted to be one of those people who sounds the alarm bells every time the parliament sits down to discuss something new, but there is a bill called Bill C-51 that is currently one of the hottest issues on the hill in Ottawa. Those who are in power are making decisions that affect all of our lives. I am bringing this Bill C-51 to your attention so that you may come to your own conclusions, here is a summary of it as recently described. Personally I believe that if carried through Canadians lives and their freedoms to choose how to care for themselves and their families is in in serious jeopardy. Not only will our options be limited by the removal of many of our supplements from the shelves of our stores, but the magnitude and scope of this bill is enormous. If passed it will become criminal to recommend supplements, herbs or other products such as homeopathics to even our friends and families including our children. Those caught will be subject to huge fines and jail time. It is unacceptable that this bill could be adopted without public debate, consensus and understanding.
    When agencies and governments truly look to the well being of the population and make health their only reason for decision making then we have a chance at developing a comprehensive health care system in this country. It appears however that the governments are being heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical sector in trying to push this Bill into law.
            We could learn a few things from countries such as Germany, Denmark and Sweden where traditional Western Medicine works hand in hand with what could be called Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Their populations are healthier overall and their health care system's only concern is in the well being and health of the population.  It appears instead that our government is being influenced by the all-mighty dollar. Please contact your MP (contact details here) and let them know that you do not support this Bill. It is also beneficial to include your name on this petition.  There is strength in numbers.
WICHA United to help find balance and improve the health of the people and the environment.
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     It has been 5 months since The West Island Complementary Health Alliance was founded, and in that short time more than  100 practitioners, health related business and eco-friendly business have been connecting to learn, network, and discuss current environmental issues. It is the fact that we are all united with the a common goal that makes us strong. Information on upcoming meetings can be found at Virtual membership is free.
Wildlife Populations Plummeting 
Animals Lost Due to Climate change 
    In the news recently was the magnificent Polar Bear. Their habitat is not so gradually disappearing due to climate change. Sadly though, they are not the only species in trouble. Since 1970 more than 27% of the world's wildlife has been lost. Marine and freshwater wildlife have been particularly harder hit. Please see article for full details. This news is heart breaking, but it is another call to action in my opinion. We can sit back and watch the animal populations decrease or we can make small choices and changes in our lives to move towards a healthier environment. Recently a video  from 15 years ago has resurfaced and it has also landed in my in-box from a few different sources recently. It's points still very valid and and the video is very moving. Severn Suzuki about to talk to the UN.Severn Suzuki, daughter of Canadian Environmentalist, at 13 years old, confronts the UN at a Conference in Rio on the Environment and Development.
      In addition to the above issues I received an e-mail yesterday about an article that ran in yesterdays' Globe and Mail. The article was titled A Sea of Synthetic Trash about something of which I was never even before aware. The North Pacific Gyre is a literally a sea of trash please see full article here, the size of this problem is mind boggling. I can not accept the fact that this is impossible to clean up. I think that if there is enough demand and support from the population requiring that governments take action on getting this mess cleaned up, then it can done. The first step is to shine a light on this dilemma, which I believe was the purpose of the Globe and Mail article. Knowledge is power and
     I love being a Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner, and on Thursday May 23, I am beginning to study the healing modality of Cranio Sacral Therapy. It has been around for many years and I have been fortunate to experience it on a few occassions. I believe it will be an excellent addition to my practice, as I am always looking at new ways to help others to naturally and holistically deal with their health. I hope to have the opportunity next month to tell you a little bit about my course that I will be taking in beautiful Vancouver.
     Almost as much as I enjoy working and helping my clients I like to read learn and understand how and why our collective health is the way it is. I hope that you enjoy this newsletter and understand that it's purpose is to open up the door to conversation. Until next month, here is wishing you and yours good health and happiness and the time to enjoy them, Namaste!
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