April 2008
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BUSY End of April for WICHA
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April 22 - Earth Day lunch and walk in Ste. Annes
For details on our upcoming meetings, please link to our site, on-line membership is free, drop in fees or membership fees apply for entrepreneurs, practitioners and businesses to attend the actual meetings. Lay members of the community can attend meetings for FREE including doctors and nurses.
Your Natural Pharmacy
woman holding aloe vera plantThis month my focus for this segment is on a medicinal plant.  Recently a friend was burned at home, and it had me thinking about what mother earth has created for us to deal with such things. The plant that comes to mind today is the Aloe Vera Plant. It has amazing healing properties when it comes to sunburns and minor household burns. Occasionally in the kitchen I'll touch the inside of the oven door or get too close to the burner on the stove, and it is these small burns that would have me reaching for the tip of a leaf from my plant. I would just break off a tip and squeeze the green jelly from the leaf onto the affected area. Instant relief! Serious burns should be seen by a medical professional.
    I love that Mothers Day is always around Earth Day because I often think of Earth Day as a giant Mothers Day. Some cultures, civilizations, and some religions base their celebrations around the bounty of Mother Earth. I would like to dedicate this newsletter, not only to Mothers and Mother Earth on Earth Day which is Tuesday April 22 but to all who nurture, love, and care for people and the world around them. Coming up on Sunday April 27th there is a fabulous Health and Wellness Expo at the Chateau Vaudreuil. Admission is free, but they are grateful for donations going to breast cancer research. This is also where The West Island Complementary Health Alliance is introducing themselves into the community. Please join us for this fabulous event promoting local businesses in the health and wellness industries. To see the the invitation flyer please see click HERE.
Mother's Day
Honouring moms and nurturers everywhere
     In three weeks, most of us will take some time out of our busy schedules to honour our moms for Mother's day. I am regularly impressed by the women I meet, so I thought I would take some time right now to express my gratitude for some of the great women in my life. Less than a year ago I joined a local women's business network called MiB logoMiB, and I never looked back. The women that this group attracts are amazing and every single one of them is intelligent, caring and nurturing, whether they are mothers or not. This network of women lovingly nurtured by Shari Reinhart has helped me and encouraged me to forge ahead with my own business. I am grateful for its existence and of course all the women I have had the pleasure of networking with over the past year. Coming up on Saturday May 3rd is your chance to meet some of these amazing women at the MiB Mall Lifestyles Show. Admission is free and there is FREE stuff too, funds are also being raised for the Just For Kids Network.
     I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize another pair of women in our community myhealthspot.ca logowho have taken on an incredible challenge in creating a much needed resource for Alternative and Complementary Health in the city of Montreal. They are the mother/daughter team of Lynda and Amanda Lubin of MyHealthSpot.ca. Their site is so unique and very comprehensive for those interested in health related articles, recipes, event calendar, and even these great little videos called Health and The City TV. Every time I watch one of the episodes, I find myself in the kitchen minutes later carrying out some of the great advice from the video. Local practitioners and health related businesses should not only take advantage of their free listings with MyHealthSpot.ca, but you should also look at their great advertising opportunities.
Klean Kanteens Again Available
An eco-friendly plastic bottle substitute
Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottles 
    I had some, I sold them, and thankfully on Friday I got some more. They will not be around for long, these bottles, and now sippy cups are going faster than stock can come into the country. Average wait time for an order is about 3 months, and with the recent Health Canada announcement on Bisphenol A, I imagine those wait times are likely to increase. If you are interested in converting your family to a healthier alternative to plastic, please feel free to call me at 514-998-3863. To see the pricing for these bottles please click here.

Photo of Me Doing ReflexologyPromos, Promos, Promos
For Moms, for Seniors, For Healing...

Photograph by : RICHARD
Mothers Day Promotion: A Reflexology with Reiki treatment gift certificate, beautifully hand decorated and ready for gift giving Promotion Price $ 50.00 Actual value $ 75.00.
Healing Promotion: Pre-book and pre-pay for 5 treatments, and receive your 6th treatment for free. Promotion price $ 250.00 Valued at $ 325.00
Seniors Serenity: A profoundly relaxing 30 - 40 minute reflexology treatment for those 65 and older. Reduced pressure is used to respect the body's own advanced systems. Promotion price $ 30.00
Earth Day
The Story of Stuff!
Recently one of the readers of this mailing list sent me a  link to a fabulous 20 minute documentary Planet Earthcalled The Story of Stuff . It is an excellent mini-documentary. So much of what is said in the film is known, but seeing it presented in this manner is very eye opening. Please take a few minutes out of your busy day, maybe even on Earth Day, and then perhaps you can make a tiny change in your life to help make a HUGE difference in the world.
     I make this monthly newsletter available for my clients, my colleagues, and contacts both inside and outside of the health care industry. I feel as if it is an important communication tool. I am grateful for your feedback on my newsletters, and please feel free to suggest topics that you would like to see in upcoming editions. Here is wishing you and yours, good health, happiness and the time to enjoy them. Namaste!
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