February 2008
Complementing Your Health
Detoxifying, Word Usage & The West Island Complementary Health Alliance
Complementary Health
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Your Natural Pharmacy
   Each month I will feature one or two natural alternatives to some everyday medications.
     These are merely suggestions not endorsements. 
Please seek the advice of your physician if problems persist or are very serious.
     Bach Flower Rescue Remedy has been a reliable solution for the occasional crisis that life has thrown my way. I keep a handy compact version of the spray in my purse for when the odd emergency seems to throw me off balance. The Bach Flower Remedies have been around from the 1930's and are easily found at health food and natural food stores. It is available in multiple formats as well.  Please click here for more information on the Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy.
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Gifts Certificates
What better way to show someone you care, than to give them the gift of profound relaxation.  Beautifully decorated gift certificates are available for any occasion and can be personally delivered to you, as long as you are in the West Island. Birthdays, showers, anniversaries, gardening enthusiasts, teacher appreciation are just a few of the theme certificates that are available.  For more information about  reflexology and the benefits of treatment Click here.

Word Usage
Complimentary vs Complementary 
      Complimentary with an I means giving praise, complementary with and E means to add to something or complete it. One of the most common errors made in the English language is confusing these two words. As a result of my confusion I am now the proud owner of two web domains www.complimentaryhealth.ca & www.complementaryhealth.ca both lead you to the same place but it was a somewhat costly error on my part which has taught me something new. Thank you my friend who pointed this out to me, you know who you are!
    It is hard to believe with the copious amounts of snow that we have received in Montreal this season, that we are in for an early Spring, "according to two of the country's famous weather prognosticating rodents" (CBC NEWS). February 2, was Groundhog Day 2008. What that means for us, is it's time to start thinking about spring cleaning and I am not only referring to the kind around the house. Spring is an ideal time for personal detoxification. Enjoy this month's feature article on detoxification, and I hope to see some of you on the 26th at this month's West Island Complementary Health Alliance meeting.
West Island Complementary Health Alliance
Craniosacral Therapy & Cleaning Up The Planet 
     Our inaugural meeting at the end of January had an amazing 29 local practitioners and businesses together in one room to meet, discuss, learn and network together. This month's networking and information session is shaping up to be just as great. 
Tuesday February 26th at 7:00PM we are meeting in Beaconsfield for Feel The Rhythm - Craniosacral Therapy & Cleaning Up The Planet.
     Professionals and practitioners as well as members of the community interested in health and the environment are welcome to attend. Every month we are learning about a different complementary healing modality, networking to promote local businesses and practices, as well as discussing global and environmental health issues that affect us all.
     The West Island Complementary Health Alliance is set up through Meetup.com. For business professionals, entrepreneurs, and practitioners there is a fee for attendance because this opportunity is meant to introduce you to your colleagues and associates in the area, learn about their fields of expertise and grow your own business.
     For physicians, nurses, and the general population curious about complementary healing therapies, there is no charge to attend. This is a great place to gather some new information and demystify some of the information that is out there.
     I believe those who are being treated with Western Health Protocols can absolutely still work with Complimentary Care Practitioners in conjunction with their existing treatment regimen. (Consent is needed from some physicians dependant on the existing condition and medications being taken). It is for this reason, nurses, doctors and traditional western practitioners are encouraged to attend.
     To learn more about this group and join please click here: The West Island Complimentary Health Alliance Home.
     It is important too, if you wish to receive information about the activities of this group that you join (for free on Meetup.com) and setup your personal profile.
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Spring Cleaning From The Inside Out
   The information in this newsletter is  not product endorsements or prescriptions, simply opinions based on my education and experiences.
     Valentines day has come and gone and no doubt most of you have done something thoughtful and wonderful for someone you love.
     Now it is time to turn your attention inward and think of doing something loving and wonderful for yourself. I know it is hard to imagine but Spring is really just around the corner. It officially begins on March 21st and it is an ideal time to encourage your body to shed some weight and toxins that you may have stored. You may have gained a few pounds in the fall or winter to help keep you warm. The toxins however tend to accumulate in a variety of ways; through the air that we breath, the food and preservatives we consume, as well as from any medications we may take or topical products we may use.
     We are natural creatures and our metabolic rate slows down in the fall and conversely it speeds up in the spring. The days are getting noticeably longer and personal energy levels are slowly increasing. It is not too early to put your plans in place for some spring cleaning. Ideally you should wait for the warmer weather to start but also follow your own body's cues.
     If you are in the habit of living off pizzas, burgers and fries, it would be a good idea to start training your system for your upcoming cleanse. If you don't know where to start a good thing to do would be to start cutting back on the refined foods, caffeine and wheat products, as well as increasing your consumption of greens, legumes and whole grains.
     Reflexology and Reiki both have amazing abilities to help the body cleanse and detoxify, the lungs, liver, and digestive systems are easily stimulated in a reflexology treatment to encourage optimum function and cleansing. Blood and lymph flow are both increased to further oxygenate the system, and remove toxins. Reiki healing is slightly different in that it is much more spiritual in nature. It uses the universal life force to stimulate or channel healing energy. An incredible sense of calm and warmth are almost always experienced. Additional information on reflexology   can be found here.
     Many years ago while living in Alberta I was a client of The Wild Rose Clinic in Calgary. It was 1995 or 1996 that I was first introduced to The Wild Rose D-Tox or Cleanse, the results I attained were profound, and since that time I have repeated the cleanse on many occasions. It is an easy to follow 12 day program with a variety of supplements that are to be taken in conjunction while following a meal plan. For more information, please follow these links: Wild Rose Detox Product Info, Wild Rose Cleansing Information. I have seen the Wild Rose Detox Kit available at many different health food locations.
     This monthly newsletter is available for my clients, my colleagues, and contacts both inside and outside of the health care industry. I feel as if it is an important communication tool. Much of what I have learnt over the past decade has come to me in this electronic way, but the recent creation of The West Island Complementary Health Alliance is one way that I am putting personal contact back into my learning processes, creating a balance in essence. With a small child at home and a full time practice it is not often I get to hear others talk about their areas of expertise. The group is dynamic and informative. I hope you will take the opportunity to join us at an upcoming meeting. Namaste!
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