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     Please mark Thursday January 31st on your calendar. The inaugural gathering of the West Island Complimentary Health Alliance is taking place at 7:15pm. 
    Our goals are to de-mystify & learn about complimentary healing modalities, discuss global & environmental health related issues and  business build amongst ourselves.
     All physicians, specialists, practitioners, healers, and health related businesses are welcome. 
     We already share a common goal; and that is to help others find balance and improved health. With knowledge, understanding and trust in colleagues and peers we will be better able to achieve our goals in a cooperative manner. Our clients, our businesses, as well as society can only benefit from this alliance.
     Others interested from outside the health field for information and learning may also attend. 
    I look forward to having you join me in the group, to share, network and learn.
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Joyce Shanks,
Complimentary Health
Inaugural Meeting 

Introductions..... General Information Session & Getting To Know You. 

Thursday January 31, 2008 7:15 PM

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Meeting Cost $ 5.00
DDO Civic Center
12001 De Salaberry
Room F- 006 - Basement
Community Center DDO
Additional Information:
514-998-3863 - Joyce
More Event Details here. Please register with and RSVP via this link or call the above number to confirm you attendance. This group was established through at present there is no membership fee to join this group.
     This Alliance was born from my genuine interest in multiple modes of healing. I have benefited personally from a variety of Complimentary Healing techniques, and now as a practitioner I want learn more from experts in their fields and build strong networking relationships with others in the industry to better serve society. For more about my practice and interests, please visit my website. Hope to see you at our Introductions meeting, please sign up and RSVP at the West Island Complimentary Health Alliance home.