January 2008
Complimenting Your Health
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    As always receipts for insurance are available. New clients are  initially welcome to take advantage of the discount certificate below.

Complimentary Health

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     What better way to show someone how much you care, than with the gift of profound relaxation.
     Beautifully decorated certificates and a free gift for your love ready for giving. $ 50.00 One full hour of a pampering foot treatment of reflexology & massage. Your sweetheart will thank you! Want to know more about reflexology? Click here.
Your Natural Pharmacy
   Each month I will feature one or two natural alternatives to some everyday medications.
     These are only suggestions and not endorsements. Seek the advice of your physician if problems persist or are very serious.
     Aspirin was formulated by The Bayer Company from the bark of a willow tree. Available in bulk at some health food stores it can easily be steeped into a pain killing tea. If you have muscle or joint pain and inflamation, a cup of this tea, some ice applied to the site of injury and the application of Traumeel homeopathic cream (made by the Heel Company) may be all you need.
     This year is off to a great start! Santa got the new Reiki table down the chimney and the new linens are on their way. Reflexology services remain uninterrupted while we rearrange the furniture to accommodate the new table. Be sure to check out our PROMOTION at the left so you can keep those resolutions you made to yourself!
     Also new and exciting; The West Island Complimentary Health Alliance has just been established. Monthly get togethers will be held for learning, discussing global and environmental health issues and business building. Be sure to take a look here for more information on how to join. Membership for the moment is FREE. 
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     "That's why Reflexology is sooooo good..." moaned weekday afternoon television Guru, Oprah Winfrey recently to her medical guest, Dr. Oz. He was using basic Reflexology pressure point techniques on one of her feet.  Evidence of Reflexology dates back nearly 5000 years in both China and Ancient Egypt. Countries such as Denmark, Great Britain and Australia are embracing this practice and making it a primary form of health care in their countries. North Americans are now starting to appreciate the immense benefits the profound relaxation of a treatment can bring and the healing that takes place as a result.  With endorsements such as those of Oprah's and Dr. Oz's I expect Reflexologists will begin to see a little surge in demand for their services.
     I am thrilled to say two of my clients have left me recently. Both clients have suffered varying degrees of low back trouble, one was also afflicted by an arthritic condition as well as other joint discomforts.
     Reflexology is a wholistic therapy so it treats the whole person rather than only their particular condition.  Illness or injury means there is dis-ease, I sometimes refer to it as stress or imbalance, the system is not optimally functioning. Everyone's state of imbalance is unique, so it is impossible to say how long it will take to heal, however in as few as 1-3 treatments you should certainly see a change in your well being.  There should be an obvious improvement in your state of health fairly rapidly with treatment but the length of time you have been out of balance plays a roll in your time of rehabilitation. Chronic conditions may take longer to heal, but there is no question that if you feel better as a result of treatment healing is certainly taking place.
     To see what some of my clients have to say about their experiences with me click here to read some of their testimonials.
     My personal experience; while living in Denmark in 2001 was remarkable. I began regular treatments with a Reflexologist (Zonetherapist) with the intention of getting healthier. I had been suffering with an endocrine disorder for many years, and as a result I had a multitude of health issues. Attempts to have children appeared futile. Within three months of starting weekly treatments I started sleeping better, feeling better, and more importantly my cycle that had been radically irregular for almost a decade was normal for the first time, 28 days normal!. The following month, I found out I was pregnant. My daughter is now five years old, I do what I do partially because of my magnificent experience.
The West Island Complimentary Health Alliance
Cooperative Healing
green plants - hemlock    Professionals and practitioners as well as  people generally interested in Complimentary Healing Therapies around the west island, will be happy to hear about the formation of a new group. The West Island Complimentary Health Alliance, set up through Meetup.com. For professionals this new opportunity is meant to introduce you to your colleagues and associates in the area, learn about their fields of expertise, discuss key global and environmental health issues, as well as to network with and grow your business. For others, curious about complimentary healing therapies, this is a great place to gather some new information. 
     This group was born out of my genuine curiosity and respect for a multitude of healing practices, and my desire to share with others their merits.   
     Throughout my life various health crisis have been resolved with one Complimentary Modality or another. I believe that those who are being treated with Western Health Protocols can absolutely still work with Complimentary Care Practitioners in conjunction with their existing treatment regimen. (Consent is needed from some physicians dependant on the existing condition and medications being taken) 
     To learn more about this group, and join please click here: The West Island Complimentary Health Alliance Home.
  This is an exciting learning, and networking opportunity that you don't want to miss! To stay informed of meeting topics and to begin networking, it is important to join the group and setup your personal profile.
     I love being a Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner. Almost as much as I enjoy working and helping my clients I like to read learn and understand how and why our collective health is the way it is. The more I explore the industry itself the more I realize how many people and practices are working towards the same goal. It is my genuine pleasure to discuss some of the things I have learnt, but more importantly to open up the door for others to enter into the conversation. I hope that this newsletter was of some interest to you, until next month, here is wishing you and yours good health and happiness and the time to enjoy them, Namaste!
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