Happy & Healthy Holiday Wishes! 
From Joyce Shanks at complimentaryhealth.ca
December 2007
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Clinic In Full Swing
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I have been a certified reflexologist since 2004, and I was thrilled to have been able to open a clinic in my home in the summer of 2006. Here  I offer tranquil reflexology treatments complete with serene music and relaxing water fountain in the world's most comfortable reclining anti-gravity chair, the La Fuma. Profound relaxation is achieved while I use massage and pressure point techniques on your feet to stimulate the natural functions of your organs, systems, and glands. Blood circulation and lymphatic flow is augmented and detoxification is encouraged, to get a more in depth explanation about reflexology please click here...Reflexology on Complimentary Health

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I Resolve to...
If you are like me, you take stock at the end of an event to evaluate what can be improved upon moving forward. The end of a calander year is no different. In fact a whole art form exists in making new years resolutions. We all start the new year with great intensions. This is a wonderful! But sometimes for some of us very early in our efforts something throws us off track, and once again the scales get tipped either one way or the other, throwing us off balance.
I have decided that instead of trying to drastically change the way that I am just because the calender has run out of pages, is somewhat futile. I am taking a different approach this new year.
My resolution this year is to be mindful. Mindful of everything. There is an amazing amount of peace and clarity that comes from being in the moment. As well, an abundant new energy surges in when you go with the flow rather than against it. If your mind is constantly in the past or in the future daily life can be very stressful. With reduced stress and clarity perhaps those changes that may have eluded me in the past, will be more easily achievable. Namaste.
     As the end of 2007 rapidly approaches, I find myself both excited and reflective about this past year and eagerly looking forward to 2008. With the first full year of the clinic being open coming to an end I wish to thank all my clients for their patronage and I want to extentend my sincerest best wishes for continued health and happiness for now and always.
    In the last couple of months I have had the opportunity to meet and showcase myself as a reflexologist  and a reiki practitioner in a variety of networking scenarios as well as through a couple of local exhibitions. It has been my great pleasure to meet with all of you and I also want to share my best wishes as I look forward to getting to know you better in the new year.
     This holiday newsletter is the first one of its kind for me and Complimentary Health, and as such it it meant to give you a small taste of what is ahead in 2008, as well as a great last minute gift idea, that might help you check off your holiday to do list and hopefully make your transition ino the new year a little bit easier. Please read on...
Great Last Minute Gift Idea
Green Christmas Present
     Many people I know are feeling as if they are running out of time. (In the year that is.)  It is as if we are all racing to get to the holidays and many of us are forgetting to breathe along the way. Our kids are finishing their classes, family is coming in from out of town, or we are headed out ourselves, we are planning to entertain more than usual and as a result, cookie sheets and their ovens are inseperable these days. Add to that many of us still want to get that perfect gift for our friends and loved ones while still trying to manage our day to day hectic schedules. I believe I have a solution for some of your gift giving dilemas. Why not gift the gift of profoud relaxation and improved health to someone you love? 
     I offer beautifully designed gift certificates, that I am happy to hand deliver to you as long as you are located in the west island on or before December 23rd.  If you are or someone you know is feeling some of this holiday urgency, please breathe a sigh of relief. Treatment gift certificates do not expire, and they are transferable, they are available year round for all occassions birthdays, weddings, showers, teacher gifts, chanukah presents, new babies etc... All gift envelopes are hand created and the certificate can have the name of the receiver done in calligraphy. Your gift is all ready to go under the tree, please call me at 514-998-3863 to arrange for yours today.
As always, insurance receipts are available.

Full Reiki Treatments In The New YearReiki Healing

     Rumour has it that Santa Claus is squeezing a massage table down the chimney Christmas Eve and leaving it in the clinic for the benefit of my clients. Since this past spring I have had the great opportunity to study Usui Reiki with Reiki Master Patrick Deegan, and I have since completed my second degree of training. Some lucky clients have been benefitting from my practice sessions incorporated into their own reflexology treatments.
    What is Reiki you ask? It is an ancient natural healing therapy from the far east. It is essentially an energy healing technique built on the premise that we are all one and connected to everyone and everything else in this universe. With Reiki the universal life force is shared, it is light and love, and is only goodness. To read about the Reiki ideals and how to learn more about Reiki, please link to Reiki on Complimanetary HealthNamaste
Complimentary Health 2008 Newsletters
     Although the format for the 2008 newsletter is not yet finalized, here are a few ideas that will likely be explored;
     Every month I would like to feature one or more natural alternatives to keep in your natural home medine cabinet. I would also like to feature stories that I come across relevant to not only Reflexology and Reiki, but to other complimentary therapies that have been proven to be of benefit to those seeking balance and healing. Yoga, pilates, traditional chinese medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy, bach flower remedies are only a few possible topics to cover. If you are interested in a specific subject, suggestions are always welcome at
     Wishing you all good health, peace, love and light for you and yours.  
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With warm regards,

Joyce Shanks
Complimentary Health