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December 2011

Building young lives, one dog at a time.  


pat-katOver the past seven years, k9 connection has helped save 263 shelter dogs and has given an opportunity to over 350 at-risk teens to re-shape their lives.


k9 connection's accomplishments would have been impossible without your continued support.   As we approach this holiday season, we once again send you our heartfelt thanks for your generosity.


k9 connection needs your sustained support in order to continue our work and fulfill our mission of building young lives one dog at a time.    

Please help us reach this year's holiday donation goal of $25,000.   


With your support k9 connection has been able to touch the lives and hearts of so many kids and their homeless dog partners. Please help us to keep going another seven years!

Best wishes for a happy holiday season.


A special thanks to k9's caring, talented and dedicated volunteers & staff!



k9 connection 4th Quarter 2011 School Programs


Our first time with our new school partner Culver Park High School, Culver City. 

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Our fourth year partnering with Phoenix High School, Venice.  

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Here are a few things the students had to say about their k9 experience:

  • I'm so thankful that k9 connection has given me the opportunity to meet and fall in love with all these dogs.
  • The main importance of having goals in life is having motivation to push yourself to achieve anything you put your mind to. Our personal goals are something we all worked on together in k9 connection. I learned to not give up and keep trying to reach my goal.
  • I learned many things in k9 like making goals and how to make a resume. I also learned how to train a dog in basic obedience commands, so that they have a better chance of being adopted. Some of the tasks were hard but, with a little patience it became easier.
  • k9 connection is a great program because you have a chance to connect with your dog, learn new skills and get experience that can be used for your future goals. I have had a wonderful time in the program and consider myself fortunate to have been a part of it.    

At Home with Gilbert:

Gilbert is a miniature Mediterranean donkey and favorite guest at k9 connection school programs.  While visiting with Gilbert the k9 teens learn about therapy animals and equine husbandry.

Once Gilbert was a Hot Fudge Sunday. At least that is what he was named for his Miniature Donkey Registry on the day of his birth, March 20th, 2010. Gilbert is his barn name. He was born on Little Creekside Farm where he was imprinted at birth and handled everyday. Something that shows in his behavior.. he wants to follow me around wherever I go..and if food soon appears even better. Donkeys don't need much food and they do best with plain hay and carrots but every once in awhile Gilbert adores a taste of oats and molasses.

Gilbert's job at home is two fold.. although young, he understands his first job is to guard his corral mate Grethe, also a miniature spotted donkey four years his senior and she does the same for him. Donkeys are terrific guard animals for cattle, sheep and goat herds as they have a natural aversion to prey such as coyotes and bobcats  - plenty which live near Gilbert up in the Santa Monica Mountains.  His second job is to be a companion to my horse Zoe. Horses and donkeys are herd animals and do not like to be alone..so Gilbert and Grethe are Zoe's best pals. As a matter of fact I think Zoe thought for a time that Gilbert was her foal - he does look a bit like her but with much longer ears!

Gilbert loves his job as an Ambassador donkey and looks forward to more time spent with k9 connection!! - Marty Gwinn

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Violet babs hi-c manny  
We adopted Zumo and he is doing so well in his new home. Thanks to all at k9 Connection!! 
Welcome home Koa (formally Stretch )

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