Discover W.O.W...
W.O.W. stands for Weekend of Workshops and it is an annual get away for Girl Scout adults.  Stay at Fleming Lodge for the weekend and share fun and laughter while enjoying a variety of workshops.  Click here for more information...
Stay Connected! The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting coming this Fall.
A new book for each grade level, containing new badges and a wealth of other information, will soon become part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.  These books combine with the journeys to create a National Girl Scout Program Portfolio.  Click here for more information about the new guides.  The "National Program Portfolio" video will explain everything you need to know. 
Take Action and Help Your GS Sisters...
There are many girls who are unable to buy essential Girl Scout supplies and you can help. 
Click here for more information... 

Now's the Time to Nominate for the Highest Awards for Adults in Girl Scouts.

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond the expectations of their position in Girl Scouting?  It's not too soon to begin the process of nominating those wonderful volunteers for board approved recognitions.  The nomination deadline is Wednesday, November 2, 2011.  Why not spend some time this summer writing a nomination and gathering letters of endorsement to assure that you meet the deadline and your nominee has a chance of receiving one of these prestigious awards?  To find the criteria for the pins and the process for nomination click here.  The forms you are looking for will be near the bottom of the Web page: number 463, 464 and 465. 


Older Girl Award Changes

The 2011 - 2012 membership year begins with the new Girl Scout Gold and Silver Awards requirements fully transitioned.  Click here to view the changes... 


2011 - 2012 Program Calendar

Coming soon!  Continue to check the Web site to see all of the calendar happenings! 
Check out some of the new program events: 

  • 100 Reasons to Celebrate
  • History of Girl Scouts Traveling Tour 
  • Bilingual event - 100 Aņo de Tradiciķnes/100 Years of Traditions. 

Two new journey related events:

  • Dramatist in the Making
  • Mission Sisterhood Overnight 

A few other new programs include:

  • GAB - Girl Advisory Board
  • Crocker Museum Overnight
  • Eco Station 

Attention Girl Scout Troop Leaders!

New forms are required for use by all adults driving on Girl Scout troop outings!  Click here to read more and download the forms...

Program Aide Training Changes...

There are a few changes for this year as we transition to new Program Aide requirements in the Girl's Guide to Girl ScoutingClick here to learn more about the changes...

Historical Check Out Items

Historic items are available to check out.  Due to the overwhelming requests, please allow at least 2 weeks prior to your pick up date.  Please note that not all items may be available for check out.  Send all requests to Click here for the request form... 

Adult Education Guide 2011-2012 Available on the Web Site Soon

Swimming Lifeguards and Watchers Ratios

Swimming tip for leaders: remember, at minimum, you need to have one adult who is certified as a lifeguard and one watcher who is certified in American Red Cross Basic Water Rescue for every 10 girls swimming.  If you are swimming in a lake, stream or river you must have a waterfront certified lifeguard, in addition to a watcher.  This information is located in the Safety Activity Checkpoints booklet under Water Sports (pages 30 - 34).  Click here to read more now...  If you have questions please e-mail