November, 2010


Click on "See what's new with Governance" to see the highlights from the October 2010 Forum that was held in Sacramento at the Program Center.  Thanks to all representatives who were able to attend and voice your opinions. We are in the process of determining which ideas can be implemented.


Don't forget to mark your calendar for the council's Annual Meeting of the Representative Assembly, ("The Annual Meeting") on Saturday, February 12, 2011 at the Sacramento State University Alumni Center at 12:30pm (check in and desserts). An agenda will be sent the first week in January.


Needed for the Annual Meeting: 3 "tellers" and 3 "minute reviewers". Tellers are on call to count votes in case a vote by hand or by ballot needs to taken.  Minute reviewers receive a copy of the meeting minutes in the weeks following the meeting and review them for accuracy.


If you would be able to serve in either of these capacities, please email and let her know which you would prefer to do. Any Girl Scout member 14 or over can fill these positions - they don't have to be Representatives. Thanks in advance to any and all volunteers!