Upcoming Regional Forums
Regional Forums will be held on October 20 in Sacramento and October 21 in Modesto. Logistical information will be provided soon to Representative Assembly Members.
In preparation for these meetings, we need you to gather input from your service unit members on the following forum discussion topics:
 Some Girl Scout Councils are shifting from a pre-order Cookie Sale to a direct sale.  What are your thoughts on this concept?
 What can be done at the service unit/council level to retain and recognize adult volunteers?
 What are your best practices for "girl-led" experiences?
 Ways to attract and retain young women 18-25 as volunteers.
 What ways have you successfully incorporated Journeys into troop     program?

 How do you feel about the present governance structure?  (This is targeted specifically to Representative Assembly Members to get input on the structure as it has been operating for the past two years, feedback on newsletters, email blasts, annual meeting, training, etc.)

You can obtain input from your members in a couple of ways:
 Send the topics out in advance of a service unit meeting asking members to bring their ideas to the next meeting.
 Send out an email with the topics listed and allow members to send their ideas electronically.
Use whatever method works best for your service unit and bring the input to one of the Regional Forums in October. It is very important that you complete the input process because we want everyone's input, not just that of the Representative Assembly Member.
If you have any questions, please email us at governance@girlscoutshcc.org.
Thank You,
Anita Rohn and Toni Rubin
Your Board Representative Committee Members