Take Action, Magazine and Nuts Sale is Almost Here...
If you signed up for T.O.P. you don't want to miss out on the Magazine and Nuts Sale, which is starting soon.  In addition to being a great opportunity to earn money for the start of the 2010-11 Girl Scout year, it's an important learning opportunity! 
Discover New Journey Tools...
Click here to check out the new tools for Girl Scout Journey books recently added to the Web site.  
Making Connections - Troops Say Thank You for Girl Scouts' Actions 
I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful cookies, it means a lot to us here in Afghanistan. We don't get a lot to remind us of home, the cookies are a great reminder of normal home life.
My name is Thomas Goode I am an aircraft electrician in the Arkansas Air National Guard. We fly the A-10 aircraft (Warthog) to support the ground troops out in the field. I have been deployed for the last two months. I will be leaving here soon and returning  to my wife and family in Arkansas. I would also like to say that I am the proud father of a Girl Scout. Her name is Torie and she just turned 11 years old while I have been gone. She is looking forward to me getting back home so we can celebrate her birthday.
Thank you so much for thinking of us.
Sincerely Grateful.
MSgt Thomas Goode
188TH Fighter Wing
Fort Smith, AR


Congratulations Girl Scouts!
Girl Scouts who have earned their Girl Scout Silver, Girl Scout Gold and Girl Scouts Heart of Central California Rose Awards received them at the Recognition of Excellence ceremonies in May.  Congratulations on earning the highest awards in Girl Scouting. Click here to see who earned their Girl Scout Gold Award...  
GSHCC's Outreach Program Wins Award
Girl Scout Heart of Central California's outreach program was one of three agencies to receive an award from United Way for their Girl Scout outreach program, a staff run program for girls with limited resources and opportunities. To learn more about our outreach program, click here...
Girl Scout Gold Award Highlight...
Jenna S. worked with Blood Source to coordinate a blood drive.  She collected over 20 units of blood by promoting her blood drive through Facebook, making phone calls and promoting the drive around her neighborhood.  Lastly, she put together a binder on how to run a successful blood drive to present to her student government class.  Congratulations Jenna! 


New GSHCC Emergency Contact Information
As you all know, the council office has moved and along with the move, we have new emergency telephone numbers.  We hope the volunteers will never have to use these numbers, but know that accidents happen and we would like you to be prepared.  
Please make note of these very important new emergency numbers. 
Super Star Service Units 
As we work together toward bringing Girl Scouts to every girl, we set a goal to increase the number of girls we serve.  This year we are working toward serving 2% more girls than last year.  Thank you to all the volunteers putting forth so much time and energy to make this happen! We appreciate you!  Click here to see a list of Super Star Service Units...
Programs are being expanded to complement Journeys
More and more troop leaders and Girl Scouts are participating in the Journeys as part of their Girl Scout program.  Girl Scouts Heart of Central California offered several programs this year that complemented the journey books and will be adding even more this year.  Click here to view newly added programs...

Girl Scouts, Plan Your Summer Now! 
If you're looking for a day of fun, an overnight with friends, or a week full of activity the Program Department has something to suit you and your Girl Scouts this summer.  Click here for more information about summer fun...