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January 2010
Issue: 3
Short on Clients? Register for the Directory
When I first wrote The Not So Big House, it occurred to me that though I was telling my readers to find a good architect, designer, builder or remodeler to help them realize their Not So Big dreams of home, I also knew that it was quite a challenge to find such people.  So to help homeowners search for professionals in their area with the skills and the Not So Big know-how to assist them, I launched the Home Professionals Directory on the Not So Big House website.  Home Professionals Directory testimonyI invited those wanting to design and build Not So Big houses and remodelings to register there, and in short order I had a substantial listing of professionals on the website to which I could refer eager readers.

It wasn't long before I began receiving rave reviews about the directory from both registrants and their clients.

Marketing Bang for the Buck
If your work is concurrent with the aims of Not So Big, the directory is the best way you can spend your marketing Home Professionals Directory testimonydollars.  It's just $50 per year for a featured listing, which includes a company description and link to your website, or $25 per year for a basic listing.  One can easily spend more than this on a meal at a restaurant.

Publish or Perish
Home Professionals Directory testimonyA less obvious, but equally valuable feature of the directory is that many of the journalists and reporters that interview me use it to find examples of Not So Big projects in the area they are covering.  This makes it an excellent way to get noticed and featured by the local media, something that is worth more than any amount of advertising.
At times like these, when so many architects and other home professionals are out of work or struggling to sustain their businesses, it's important for all of us to pull together to help promote good solutions to the problems confronting fellow professionals as well as the homeowners who need their services.  I am quite certain that there's plenty of work out there for all of us.  We just have to be a bit more innovative in how we go about finding it.  So, if you know of any firms or other talented professionals with a Not So Big bent, please forward this article to them.
Also, if you have any suggestions for how we can improve our services and help the networking process we've established to be more effective, I'd love to hear from you.

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Search the Directory for Professionals in Your Area

The Not So Big House Home Professionals DirectoryThe directory allows visitors to search by state for all the different types of professionals they may need to help them with their project.  Though I don't vet registrants, all those listed are familiar with the Not So Big book series, and are interested in serving clients who want such a house.  Here's a list of all the different professions that are searchable:
interior designers
landscape architects and designers
mortgage lenders
real estate agents
residential designers
structural engineers

Click here to search the directory for professionals in your area.

There are more architects, designers, builders and remodelers than any other group, so if you know of someone in your area that you think should be on the list in any of the other categories, please let them know about the directory by forwarding this article to them.  We'd like to make this as useful for readers as possible.

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