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Lee Knapp is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Sales Trainer and Consultant. Get the training you need to improve your sales and grow your business - contact Lee today!

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Let's Make it a Great Year!April 2011

Welcome to Knapp's News for Success! 
Knapp Success News
We appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to spend a few minutes with us so we're going to make sure it's worth your while. 

Knapp ConsultantsAre you Slowing Down or Starting Up for summer? 


Whatever the case may be, Knapp Consultants is here to help you focus, stay on track and plan ahead for success! We have great training, business consulting and just the right inspiration to help you get to where you want to go! 


In this edition of our Success News and in our Success Blog we would like to focus on Gratitude! It's amazing what a difference you can discover in life with something as simple yet powerful as Gratitude!  

Where's Lee these days?

Are you wondering - WHAT'S LEE BEEN DOING LATELY? Here's the latest scoop! She's been:Lee Knapp


  • Building a new sales organization for an established SW Florida business
  • Developing and presenting a telephone sales program
  • Presenting a newly designed  program to her clients "Building a Sales Team Culture Within Your Business"
  • Working "hands-on" with an existing sales team to grow their success
  • Individually coaching salespeople
  • Developing a Mystery Shopper Program for a past client
  • Presenting a Team Management Development Program
  • Preparing for two motivational Conference workshops in May
  • Reading "The Teddy Bear Picnic" to children at the Children's Center.
  • Networking and Having Fun!


Every now and then we come across a book that opens our eyes, changes our thinking and shifts our perspective and we just HAVE to share it. This space is dedicated to sharing those powerful and amazing books with you!


Social BoomBusiness social media is the best, least expensive, most direct way of communicating with your customers to be discovered in the last 100 years. By taking complete advantage of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, you can promote and propel your business beyond the next level, beyond your competition, and beyond the economy. Now is not the time to go slow. Now is not the time to worry about a few negative comments from customers. Now is the time to capitalize on the opportunity, crush your competitors, and become the market leader. Business social media will build your brand, your reputation, and your bank account. Do not start tomorrow. Start TODAY!


Click here to read more and to purchase now!


Positive AttitudeAttitude is Everything! Your every day thoughts create your overall attitide and that in turn inspires action, or lack thereof, in your day to day life. 


Do you have a "Refuse to Fail" attitude? If you find yourself thinking "I can't do it" change your thinking to "How can I get this done?" and see the difference you can bring into your world!  


Do you think this will make a difference to your business?  Try it!! Knapp Consultants offers the best Sales Training to fit your business needs! Contact Lee today! 


Customer Service TrainingACTION SALES WORDS OF THE MONTH:  "The Extra Mile"


Are You Going the Extra Mile for Your Clients? You should be! 


Knapp Consultants offers you a  Customer Service Awareness Program for improved internal and external Customer Service.

  • Workshop #1 - You Make the Difference
  • Workshop #2 - Creating Internal Partnerships
  • Workshop #3 - Creating Delighted Customers
  • Workshop #4 - Satisfying Dissatisfied Customers
  • Workshop #5 - The Value of Effective Time Management

Each workshop involves positive group interaction and removes potential barriers that detract from future team growth.


Click here for more... Contact Lee today for more information!  

Lee's Blog

Have you seen our latest blog? Attitude of Gratitude


Lee's BlogDon't miss out on the GREAT advice Lee gives out on her blog every couple of weeks. Lee has been working with business owners in helping them reach their success goals for years. Today she gladly shares with you, via her blog, all the valuable knowledge she has been teaching in her seminars, One on One training and speaking engagements. 


Lee's Success Blog's new theme is Gratitude. Get inspired to change your world - take a moment subscribe to her blog and take advantage of the FREE tips and tools she offers you! Click here to view now. 


Lee Knapp

Lee provides:

  • Customized Training Workshops & Seminars
  • Company Training & Development Programs
  • Sales Power Boot Camps
  • Motivational Speeches & Conference Presentations
  • Management Consulting
  • Management & Employee Coaching
  • Customer & Employee Focus Groups
  • Communication Assessment Tools (DiSC Behavioral Profiling)

Here's what others are saying about us...  


Testimonials about Lee Knapp

Lee, I can't thank you enough. As always, your seminar was very refreshing and motivating and I feel that I have learned alot. You totally filled the room with such powerful and positive energy!


I am so happy that our bank has decided to partner up with you and I look forward to many more opportunities to learn from the very best!

- Marlene - Banking 


Lee, I cannot thank you enough for today. I have had very positive feedback from the employees and some are actual saying "Tah-Dah" and possibly smiling a little more. You were very positive and upbeat... Just what I was looking for!

Kim - Florida


Watch a video testimonial - click here! For more testimonials - click here!

As always we appreciate the time you allow us to spend with you. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you feel might be interested by using the forward email button at the bottom of this email.

We look foward to working with you soon!




Lee Knapp

Knapp Consultants

Phone: 239-481-8557

Lee's Blog


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