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Senate Bill 1687 (Verizon Bill) will have a hearing on May 18th at 10:00 AM, Room A1.

 May 11, 2011        

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A Message From MassAccess



Please e-mail and/or fax your representatives and senators the sample letter below. Feel free to make changes to the letter as you see fit. It would be really great if you could also take the time to e-mail the members of the committee below -- especially the Chairs. They are conducting the hearing. We would love to see their inboxes stuffed with e-mail against S. 1687!


Join us at the Statehouse on Wednesday May 18th for the hearing. Bring a camera if you can. The Legislators and Verizon were really impressed by the amount of cameras in the hearing last time! Local media is recording the event!!


The sample letter is below. Use part or all of it, or revise as you see fit, but by all means  

send something to these Legislators.


Try to personalize the letter if you can. Add your signature and organization to the letter.


Thank you. 




Dear [Senator or Rep. name]

I am writing to address Massachusetts Senate Bill 1687. The Bill is currently scheduled for a hearing at the Statehouse on Wednesday, May 18th.

I oppose this bill. It could cripple the ability of our community to effectively support and sustain our local cable television studio.


[insert personal story here-or delete this section]


There currently exists in Massachusetts a legal structure - the Massachusetts Cable Act (M.G.L.166A)- that has allowed, and continues to allow, successful and effective negotiations between communities and cable providers. This law works as it currently exists and it accomplishes its purpose. It provides support that allows for the existence of these vital community resources.


The proposed Senate Bill 1687 only serves to undermine that support. Imposing a 90-day time frame on cable license negotiations, makes this Bill unrealistic and weakens the ability of communities to identify and properly ascertain their telecommunication needs. Verizon has had no difficulty in acquiring cable licenses in the communities they have identified as desirable in Massachusetts, having successfully negotiated over 110 licenses in this state. This bill does not encourage competition; it handicaps the local negotiating position and weakens the community rights the Cable Act is intended to protect.

I urge you strongly to oppose Massachusetts Senate Bill 1687.



[your name here]

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Here is a list of the members of the  

Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy:


Senate Chair: Benjamin.Downing@masenate.gov 

Senate Vice Chair: Marc.Pacheco@masenate.gov 

House Chair: John.Keenan@mahouse.gov 

House Vice Chair: Kate.Hogan@mahouse.gov 


Senate Members

Jennifer L. Flanagan: Jennifer.Flanagan@masenate.gov  from Leominster

Eileen Donoghue: Eileen.Donoghue@masenate.gov from Lowell

James B. Eldridge: James.Eldridge@masenate.gov   from Acton

Michael R. Knapik: Michael.Knapik@masenate.gov  from Westfield


House Members

John H. Rogers: John.Rogers@mahouse.gov  from Norwood

Thomas A. Golden Jr.: Thomas.Golden@mahouse.gov from Lowell

Walter F. Timilty: Walter.Timilty@mahouse.gov  from Milton

Stephen L. DiNatale: Stephen.DiNatale@mahouse.gov from Fitchburg

Carlo P. Basile: Carlo.Basile@mahouse.gov  from E. Boston

Tackey Chan: Tackey.Chan@mahouse.gov  from Quincy

John J. Mahoney: John.Mahoney@mahouse.gov from Worcester

Paul Adams: Paul.Adams@mahouse.gov  from Andover

Randy Hunt: Randy.Hunt@mahouse.gov  from E. Sandwich


More info at: http://massaccess.org/. 
                     Please make your voice heard!

-- Walter Locke 
    Arlington Community Media, Inc.