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Welcome to the second TTIMI ezine of 2012. I'll keep it brief and simply suggest you check out everything that's happening around here in this short video below
final march ezine So much going on! A video explanation from "Q" 
Great Stuff to Inspire and Entertain You:

 Our main article provides some incite on how keeping track can help improve our lives, greatly. This month's blog postings include tips on "to get somewhere different, you must do something different".  In the video section there is a great video about what you CAN do, rather than what it seems like you cannot, and a look at El Camino del Rey Walkway showing you how to face your fear.   


If all that wasn't enough, we have three guest authors providing health and stress advice.    


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MainArticleKeep Track of the Numbers
When my children were young, I registered their growth on the hallway doorjamb with pencil marks and knife notches.

Next to each was inscribed a date and name. Since those statistics are most likely meaningless to the latter owners, I assume sandpaper and lacquer have removed that chronicle; yet I wonder if they left those markings intact, pondering periodically where went "Daniel, January 28, 1988" or "Brandon, April 7, 1989."

Numbers are the language by which lives are recorded;


To read the full post, follow this link. 

videosVideos of the Month
We all like videos and the most popular links in the newsletter are therefore the videos I post. I work on finding videos that are inspirational, educational, and humorous.

(Note: the videos are not embedded in this email. To view them, click on the picture and they'll take you to a location at my blog where you can view them.)

Video #1: Think Big       

This is a great video about thinking about what you CAN do, rather than what it seems like you cannot.  



VOTM2 Video #2: El Camino del Rey Narrow Walkway

Sometimes, you have to face your fear to change. This nine minute video example, although it is extreme, will keep you on the edge of your seat.

To see all videos on the TTIMI website, follow this link. 

By the way, if you have a suggestion for a video for the newsletter, please let me know. Most of the time, that's how I find out about these.
RecentPostings Recent Postings on the TTIMI Blog
It's Never Too Late to Start Again
Progress, by its very definition, is not a linear process. We move forward, we fall down, we get back up again. Each time we slip up, it means we've tried something new. We need to congratulate ourselves for that. Read the Full Post»
Getting Somewhere Different by Changing Your Actions
You can really want to change. You can hope you will change. You can even pray to change. But until you actually do something to change, you're stuck where you are. Read the Full Post»
Why is the Diet Industry so Full of Frauds?
Recently, I was exposed to yet another "miracle diet product" that got my hackles up - and rest assured you don't want to be around when I have elevated hackles.Read the Full Post»
Where are my Crayons: Taking Time to Relax
I was "row monitor" in second grade; sitting in the last seat making sure the students in my row behaved. On this day, all was quiet; no one messed with the law when Scott was around.
Read the Full Post»
GuestAuthorsGreat Guest Authors on the TTIMI Blog!

We are always looking for people who write well, provide good content, and are inspirational. Following are a few of the most recent post from some of our guest authors. 

Happy Heart Month! Take Care of Your Heart 

Most women recognize heart disease as the number one killer of women of all ages. Read the Full Post» 



You're Finished! Congratulations 

By Craig Harrison   

It's easy to say resolutions don't work and leave it at that, but the simple truth is that I got distracted by fantasies of my "New Me!" results and didn't consider the effort and expense required by the massive changes I was taking on.  Read the Full Post»




Recognize Stress Before It Kills You!

Everyone suffers from stress at different times throughout their day. We all know that "good" stress can peak your adrenaline and actually help increase your performance and abilities in getting a job done.   

Read the Full Post»


To read all guest posts, follow this link.

With Gratitude
"Take some time everyday to be grateful - especially at those times when it's difficult to do so" - from the Shade of a Tree is the Very Best Shade There is

It's important to be thankful, so at the end of my newsletter, I express it publicly.  With that in mind, just some of the people to whom I am grateful include: the Mastermind Alliance; Humboldt Speakers; the Northcoast Small Business Development Center, Weight Watchers International; Mike Domitrz for his support in developing my career; my guest authors; Paul Kingsman, my most recent guest on "Getting Past What Holds You Back;" Grant County, WA for inviting me back to speak to their staff; Oregon Association of County Engineers and Surveyors for inviting me to speak in June; Kathy Kendrix and Empowerment Group World for representing me; Alysa Seabrook for her help in this newsletter; Mary for signing up to work with me; as well as all the other folks who have signed up to be coached and supported by me on; all the folks on Hatchwise for helping me with my tagline; all the folks at the NSA Facebook group for their input; all the folks on the new WW Humboldt County Facebook group for having fun with me; Ken Yeager for his help in dealing with my on-going bike accident issues; the editors of the newspapers that run my column and the websites that post it - as well as the people who read it; and of course to my family - especially my loving wife Mary Ann.


I am also very grateful to YOU dear reader, for allowing me into into your life.


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Getting You Past What Holds You Back

TTIMI is dedicated to helping people finally accomplish the goals they've been "intending to accomplish" for a long time.
It is the hub of a supportive group of people who come together to improve their lives and help others. Using email, coaching, goal planning, motivational products, and developing affiliates and practitioners, we find non-judgmental, affordable support for each other by providing options and ideas that one person alone, might not see.


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April 15, 2012  


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  6. Eliz Greene, who has spoken in Washington DC, and has over 25 years of coaching, consulting, and clinical experience, gives practical simple tips to take control of your health!
  7. Paul Kingsman, Olympic Medal Winner, explains why focus is so important to change your life and improve your finances!
  8. Scott Hammond, Parenting Expert discusses how to have a closer relationship with your family

All eight interviews as CDs would cost $120. Any ONE interview will be worth thousands and thousands of dollars in advice!   


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