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'Tis the most busiest time of the year! Love 'em or hate 'em, the holidays are here. It's the time of hustle and bustle, travel, cooking, family (for better or worse), friends, and - oh yes - spending lots of money. Some folks love this time of year. Others can't wait for it to be over. But suffice it to say, it is not like the rest of the year. 

Video Introduction from Scott
Video Introduction from Scott "Q" Marcus

ThisMonthInTheNewsletterWhat's in this issue of the TTIMI newsletter?  

There was a disturbing incident at a Walmart near L.A. on "Black Friday." It caused me to think about priorities and what makes us happy. That's the focus of the main article.  Our blog postings this month deal with Getting Through the Holidays, Pizza as a Vegetable (?), and discovering perfect moments. And, of course, there are more laughs (and even a few tears) as well as lots of motivation in the ever-popular videos.  We'll check into the final chapter in an Elephant-Dog Relationship, watch a man surf a 90-foot wave, and laugh hysterically at a harmless practical joke. 


Extra! Extra! I'm very excited that five of the six years of my columns are now published. You can order them one at a time on Amazon, or - due to a cover typo - you can get the complete set with a whole bunch of freebies at a reduced price right here in this ezine.  Speaking of Amazon, the winner of the October/November contest is announced at toward the bottom of this newsletter.  

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  • What is "sensory memory?"
  • How do NLP and Law of Attraction work together?

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Getting Past What Holds You Back 

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Thank you for all the support. Treat yourself special.  Watch out for too much candy. 


Scott "Q" Marcus

P.S.  Please to others who might find the articles and links of interest, and take a moment to answer the four anonymous questions at the AttitudeIndex.
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I am writing this on what is traditionally called "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving that accounts for so many retail sales. At a Walmart near Los Angeles, a woman allegedly (or apparently) used pepper spray on fellow shoppers, presumably (details are still sketchy) to get others to move away from a display so she would be able to nab some low prices. We hear these disturbing reports almost every year. A few years ago, someone was crushed as the crowd pushed into a store to get first shot at the "best deals."


I find the whole thing sad.

I understand that this was an "isolated incident," and - at least in my opinion - something must be wrong with someone to resort to tactics such as those in order to get some great holiday prices. However, to me, there is a bigger issue at hand: "Where do we find happiness?"


To read the full post, follow this link. 

videosVideos of the Month
We all like videos and the most popular links in the newsletter are therefore the videos I post. I work on finding videos that are inspirational, educational, and humorous.

Video #1: Final Chapter in Elephant & Dog Friendship    

I usually do not like to have videos that have ANY sadness in them but this video gives such an amazing look into how animals feel and how they treat each other that I felt it was worth including. It's the final chapter in a touch friendship between a dog and an elephant. 


Video #2: Surfing a 90-foot Wave    

Next time you doubt yourself, watch what this American surfer did with a nine-story wave off the coast of Portugal. He talks about it after you watch his feat. 


Video #3: Shampoo Prank     

I love practical jokes - providing they're harmless. This one is - and it's laugh-out-loud funny. It'll brighten your mood and I guarantee you that you will want to share it.  


(Note: the videos are not embedded in this email. To view them, click on the picture and they'll take you to a location at my blog where you can view them.)   VOTM1

Elephant & Dog Friendship  


Record Breaking Surfer  


Funny Shampoo Prank  

To see all videos on the TTIMI website, follow this link.

By the way, if you have a suggestion for a video for the newsletter, please let me know. Most of the time, that's how I find out about these.
RecentPostings Recent Postings on the TTIMI Blog


Getting Through the Holidays and Staying on Track

The reality is if my indulgences were limited just to holidays, I wouldn't have to lose 70 pounds. Celebrations were the validation I used to reaffirm that "weight loss is too hard." Failure sat at the head of every holiday meal table as the unwelcome guest, "Give up - start again later."  Read the Full Post»

Did Congress Declare Pizza a Vegetable?
Although the story is untrue, it is not made up out of whole cloth. What essentially happened is the U.S. Department of Agriculture wanted to increase standards so a half-cup of tomato paste would count as a vegetable serving, instead of the current one-eighth cup. Therefore, two tablespoons of tomato paste remain the virtual nutritional equivalent of one half-cup of broccoli, green beans or any other vegetable in a school lunch.  Read the Full Post»

Noticing Those Perfect Moments
When was the last time you lingered over a brilliant sunset, or stopped to watch children play, or smelled the air after a first rain, or put your day on hold long enough to make a baby giggle? How long has it been since you sat and held hands with someone special, not even bothering to talk? Can you remember just sitting and thinking about how wonderful is life - without having the urge to get up and "do something?" Read the Full Post» 

GuestAuthorsGreat Guest Authors on the TTIMI Blog!

We are always looking for people who write well, provide good content, and are inspirational. Following is the most recent post from one of our guest authors. 


How to Attend a Holiday Party and Not Gorge 
by Danielle  


Many people aren't sad to see swimsuit season go. 


I'd be lying if I didn't find some pleasure in slipping on a sweatshirt after months of worrying about my arms, stomach, etc. Summer can certainly make us unnecessarily body-conscious. Unfortunately, winter can make us too lax and be even less healthy. As animals, we have the instinct to eat more when the weather gets cold. But gorging on calorie-dense holiday food can kill any beach body aspirations before they can even start. Simply put, if you want to be fit come springtime then it's pivotal to not lose it now. You don't want to spend all of January on a treadmill because of what you ate in November and December.  To Read The Tips, Follow This Link>>  

To read all guest posts, follow this link.
Scott "Q" Marcus conducting a training in Texas

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If you're interested in knowing more, click here or call me at 707.442.6243. Thanks. 

With Gratitude
"Take some time everyday to be grateful - especially at those times when it's difficult to do so" - from the Shade of a Tree is the Very Best Shade There is

It's important to be thankful, so at the end of my newsletter, I express it publicly.  With that in mind, just some of the people to whom I am grateful include: the Mastermind Alliance; Humboldt Speakers; the Northcoast Small Business Development Center, Weight Watchers International; Mike Domitrz for his support in developing my career; my guest authors; Dave Berman, my next guest on "Getting Past What Holds You Back;" College of the Redwoods; for inviting me back to present; Cher-ae Heights for the warm reception and wonderful dinner as we discussed working together; Rory Vaden for his advice on my order form; the California Conservation Corp, the State of Washington, Nancy Morasco, and Lighten Up San Gabriel, all for inviting me to speak next year, Eureka Women's club and Dalianes Travel for the warm and enthusiastic reaction in my presentations this month; all the people (both strangers and friends) who have wished me well since my bike accident; the the folks who have signed up to be coached and supported by me on; the editors of the newspapers that run my column and the websites that post it - as well as the people who read it; and of course to my family - especially my loving wife Mary Ann.


I am also very grateful to YOU dear reader, for allowing me into into your life.

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KindleKindleDuring October and early November, while I was on the road, I promised that I would give away a new Kindle (just in time for the holidays) to one lucky random person who signed up for my newsletter. The only requirement was you had to be a subscriber when I announced the winner.


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Khrystia, in order to get your Kindel, get in touch with me and I'll send it direct from Amazon to you. Thanks for being a subscriber - and congratulations!


By the way, starting in 2012, I plan to hold contests through every issue! Forward the email to others so they might win too. 


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