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Scott 'Q' Marcus headshot

All change is caused by either fear, force, or pain. In other words, no one wakes up one morning and says, "Wow, my life is great! How can I change it?" We wake up in a "bad place," and decide we no longer want to be there. 


The problem is that when we feel as overwhelmed as we do in those three moods, we tend to close down and pull back, rather than expand and reach out - which is what we actually need to do. We need to try new things. We need to slip up. We need to fall down. It's only through those processes that we make progress.


Especially in times like these, we really need to catch others doing something right - and we need to do the same for ourselves. Things are difficult, the Attitude Index is showing that. We all know it.


As said by Reverend John Watson in the 1890s: "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."


Lets each try and make our little patch of the planet a nicer place.  


I'm helping the process by providing some inspiration and humor. I hope it helps.

This issue's main article is an important reminder that you never know when something you do will come back to you later. You better be careful. The blog postings range from a look at some clever self-improvement ads all the way to the language we use to describe who we are. And our guest authors provide more practical advice on how to keep a positive attitude as well as keeping a balance in your life during these trying times. Finally, enjoy some laughs and motivation in the ever-popular videos

Watch a report about which cities are the happiest cities in the U.S. - and why that's so. Feel the exhilaration as a baby seal regains its freedom here, and I got sucked up again in what might be the cutest kitten video ever


Treat yourself special. Let me know what you think.


Scott "Q" Marcus

P.S.  Please to others who might find the articles and links of interest, and take a moment to answer the four anonymous questions at the AttitudeIndex.

P.P.S. We're very excited to introduce a series of open-to-the-public conference calls hosted by yours truly that are dedicated to helping you accomplish those goals you've long since delayed. More detail on the sidebar. Spread the word.
MainArticleYou Never Know When Something You do Will Come Back to You

Walking the DogEarly morning routine: Jack, my dog, and I are taking our walk. His leash is in my hand, my headphones are clamped over my ears; I am absorbed in the back-and-forth of my favorite podcast. Jack and I; just doin' our thing.  


The neighborhood is residential; no major thoroughfares, so I'm quite cognizant of the large diesel truck that rattles up next to us and slows down. Matching my pace, the driver waves at me. I assume he's just being friendly so I return the action, figuring he knows me from my decades of living in a smaller community.


He gestures again, this time I recognize he's motioning me to come over. Pulling Jack's leash in tight, we walk on to the street and approach the open passenger window.


The white truck's interior is clean, uncluttered, and modern, with a flat screen in the center of the dashboard. As for its only passenger, he appears to be in his forties, healthy, short-cropped hair, and brandishing a smile as big as the vehicle and as warm as its motor.


Leaning toward me across the center console, he opens, "You probably don't remember me..."


To find out how to change & read the full post, follow this link. 

videosVideos of the Month
We all like videos and the most popular links in the newsletter are therefore the videos I post. I work on finding videos that are inspirational, educational, and humorous.

Video #1: The Happiest Places in the U.S.  

Where are the happiest cities in the United States? And why is that? This eight minute video from CBS news will fill you in. 


Video #2: Seal Gets its Freedom  

This is a short (90") video about a seal that was let go from its captivity after it was healed. If, after watching this, you don't believe that animals have feelings, something is very wrong. 


Video #3: Kitten vs. the Killer Apples  

No exaggeration, this is the most viewed video on my website. It will have you in stitches. It's done by the same guy who did the other "Kitten vs. the Scary Thing." He adds a soundtrack to his videos, which really heightens the effect. 


(Note: the videos are not embedded in this email. To view them, click on the picture and they'll take you to a location at my blog where you can view them.)   VOTM1

Happiest Places to Live in the U.S. 


Seal Regains its Freedom 


Kitten vs. The Killer Apples  

By the way, if you have a suggestion for a video for the newsletter, please let me know. Most of the time, that's how I find out about these. 


RecentPostings Recent Postings on the TTIMI Blog

funny advertisements for self improvementVery Clever Advertisements Regarding Self Improvement 

I was in the media for decades. That probably explains why I am fascinated by good advertisements and clever marketing. I found these on-line. Read the Full Post.»

How to Stop Worrying so Much
Worry is interest on a debt not yet owed. We get confused. We think if we can just worry "hard enough," we can make things go better. Read the Full Post»

Who do You Think You Are?
How We Describe Ourself Matters

We provide our name in reply to the question "Who are you?" But, in reality, that's not accurate, because my name is not WHO I am, it's WHAT I am called; it's a label. The way we refer to ourselves makes a whole lot of difference in the life we get. Read the Full Post»

Using Our Time Well
The only area in which we are all identical is that we each have 24 hours in a day. Successful people use their time better. That's really the only difference. Read the Full Post»
GuestAuthorsGreat Guest Authors on the TTIMI Blog!

We are always looking for people who write well, provide good content, and are inspirational. Following are a couple posts from some of our guest authors. 


Using a Positive Mental Attitude to Help Get Anything That You Want by Ryan McCormack

Most people do not realize how important having a Positive Mental Attitude is in everything that we do. Even if we don't speak negatively but our body language is negative, other people will notice. Read the Full Post»

Don't Forget Life for Work: Keep a Balance

by Amanda Kidd 

Maintaining a balance between work and pleasure is necessary. For a healthy life, your work and leisure activities should travel together. Sometimes work will take the front seat and sometimes leisure. Only work or only leisure will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle affecting your body, mind and your surroundings. These six tips will help you do that. Read the Full Post»


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Sample Video of Scott

The Four Steps to Improved Communication A Humorous Approach

With Gratitude
"Take some time everyday to be grateful - especially at those times when it's difficult to do so" - from the Shade of a Tree is the Very Best Shade There is

It's important to be thankful, so at the end of my newsletter, I express it publicly.  With that in mind, just some of the people to whom I am grateful include: the Mastermind Alliance; Humboldt Speakers; the Northcoast Small Business Development Center, Weight Watchers International; Mike Domitrz for his support in developing my career; my guest authors; the Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship; NSA/NC; Illuminate Oregon; Wilsonville (OR) Chamber of Commerce; Beaverton (OR) Employers Council;  Crime Prevention Association of Oregon; Oregon Association of Court Administrators; all for inviting me to present; (I might as well move to Oregon!)  all my local clients, who continue to hire me; the folks who have signed up to be coached and supported by me on; the editors of the newspapers that run my column and the websites that post it - as well as the people who read it; and of course to my family - especially my loving wife Mary Ann.


I am also very grateful to YOU dear reader, for allowing me into into your life.

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It is the hub of a supportive group of people who come together to improve their lives and help others. Using email, coaching, goal planning, motivational products, and developing affiliates, and practitioners, we find non-judgmental, affordable support for each other by providing options and ideas that one person alone, might not see.


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