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 February, 2011
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A Tribute

You might know that I speak to Foster Parent associations a great deal; they're one of my favorite groups of people.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to work with the wonderful people at Fair Visions and the Louisiana Foster & Adoptive Parents Association. The event was on my birthday and I was treated to a wonderful celebration and went out to lunch afterward.

One of the people who took me to lunch was Nancy Miller. I was saddened to learn that she recently passed away. She was an incredibly warm person with a heart as big as you can imagine. She will be missed.

A scholarship has been established in her name. If you would like to know more about it, or maybe even help the children in LA, you can follow this link

. It will download a PDF file to your computer.

If you would like to know more about the LAFAP, you can go to




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It's a recording of a talk I did a few years ago at a college class on addictions and bad habits.  


If you've been trying to lose weight - or you know someone who has - you will find this CD very helpful as it takes a look at why we engage in a habit, we know is harmful.

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Scott 'Q' Marcus headshotWow! That was something! I've never put together a national holiday before! However, now that the first annual "This Time I Mean It Day" has come and gone, it's time to put out this month's newsletter, and as always, I've attempted to make it chock-full of inspirational and enlightening articles and links - as well as some motivational and funny videos. (In case you didn't know, that's what is all about too; so you can always visit it and find more!)

how did you celebrate TTIMI Day?What is This Time I Mean It Day? 

It's a simple, fun, upbeat holiday scheduled for February 15 of each year and it's dedicated to celebrating those things we do well and supporting others in their attempt to do the same. It's also a reminder that any day is a good time to recommit to establishing goals.  I was hoping to get 100 people on the Facebook Fan page by that date. This Time I Mean It Day - Feb 15(I got 99 - but I'm not complaining!) Several people were willing to share what's important to them and you can see their comments on this video. (Click on the above image and the video will open up in your browser.)
As for the remainder of this month's newsletter, there are several other videos and links to some articles I thought you might find interesting. Along the sidebar, I have a couple special offers and a tribute to a friend who passed away.

I hope you enjoy. If I can be of service, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Oh yes, if you like this newsletter, please to others.

Treat yourself special.

Scott "Q" Marcus

P.S. Starting next month, I'll be featuring some great guest authors too! 
Understanding Your Intention Before Opening Your Mouth Can Make ALL the Difference

When someone asks me my advice, my first response  is always: "What's your intention in what you're doing?" Almost nothing matters more in one's actions or communications than understanding the intention. Most people do not take the time to analyze that simple question and they find themselves in trouble.


Let's take a simple example.  


You're upset by an action What's the intention here?someone else did. Your feelings are hurt. So, you decide that you "need to talk to her." That's fair; and if done well, it's even "healthy." But if the intention isn't clear, you'll get in hot water because your attitude will communicate louder than will your words. You might be able to massage what you say, but it's a heck of a lot harder to adjust what you feel.


To read the full post, follow this link. 

Videos of the Month
Without a doubt, my statistics show that the most popular links in my newsletter are the videos I find. I work on finding videos that are inspirational, educational, and humorous. This month, I have included three. The Steve Jobs video is motivational and it's 15 minutes long; the other two are short and just plain funny. Enjoy!

(Note: the videos are not embedded in this email. To view them, click on the picture and they'll take you to a location at my blog where you can view them.)

   Clarke & Dawe "The Front Fell Off" 

Mack Dryden - Ode to Forgivness  

Steve Jobs - Commencement Speech to Stanford University 


Selected Recent Postings on the TTIMI Blog
What Really Matters is Often Right in Front of Us

Imagine what life would be like if we each lived exactly 100 years - to the day. From the moment of birth, barring accidents, you knew the exact minute of your death. One some levels it could be reassuring; however, as the calendar years passed, it might get a little freaky. There would be no doubt about how much time was left on your clock.  Read Full Post

Gratitude for my Bike Accident

Ever have one of those times where you obsess over whether or not you took care of something at home? You know, like, "Did I lock the door?" or "Did I remember to shut off the oven?" You're sure you did; at least it seems like you did. But the further you get from home, the less convinced you become. After awhile, the doubt burrows into you brain... Read Full Post

What was our Attitude like in January, 2011?

The purpose of the I3 (The International Inspiration Index) is to get a feel for how people are feeling, what's bothering them, and their outlook for the future. It started in late April 2009. If you would like to take the ongoing I3 survey, go to


Jan 2011 Analysis of the International Inspiration Index

Currently, we rate our attitude at 3.8 and the attitude of those around us at 3.4. Last January, the same numbers were 3.7 and 3.6 respectively. In effect, we tend to think our attitude is fine; it's the attitude of those around us that need work. However, it's important to remember that they're doing the same thing with us. And since attitude communicates, we have a pre-disposition to go into a conversation assuming the other person isn't as positive as we are. That can certainly bias our communication. To read the full report, follow this link. 

If You Need a Presenter This Year...

Scott "Q" Marcus conducting a training in Texas

I have several engagements lined up for 2011. Once I'm "on the road," I like to maximize my time while traveling - so if you (or anyone you know) is in need of a lively presenter, I would be very interested in hearing from you.  (Although I am looking for paid engagements, I do a limited number of pro-bono presentations per year for qualifying organizations.)

What Do I Speak About?

My presentations are described as "a cross between attitude 101, group therapy, and a southern revival." They are extremely interactive, playful, motivational, and with a great deal of content that helps those in attendance:

  • Improve Communication
  • Reduce Conflict
  • Lower Stress
  • Increase Productivity
  • Have Fun

If you would like to see a short video that outlines my style, you can click on the image below & it will take you to a 10 minute video. If you would like to see and read about my most-delivered topics, you can follow this link or click in the Quick Links section in the sidebar.


If you're interested in contacting me about a presentation for your organization for these dates and locations - or any others - click


(Please note, I have been known to do a presentation in exchange for great quality chocolate or enough french fries - but I'll vehemently deny it if asked.)

Sample Video of Scott "Q" Marcus

The Four Steps to Improved Communication A Humorous Approach

With Gratitude
"Take some time everyday to be grateful - especially at those times when it's difficult to do so" - from the Shade of a Tree is the Very Best Shade There is

It's important to be thankful, so at the end of my newsletter, I always try and express it publicly.  With that in mind, just some of the people to whom I am grateful include: Rich, Margie, & Jess; my local Mastermind Alliance; Humboldt Speakers; my friends at NSA (most notably Tim Richardson, Michael Lee, and Patricia Fripp who were all so helpful this month); Ken Braly for all he does on my website; NSA/NC for inviting me to be on a panel; Humboldt Internet Marketing Group for all the great ideas; Robert Gluckson and Good Cause Marketing for the great class at HSU; the Northcoast Small Business Development Center, Weight Watchers International, and all my local clients, who continue to hire me; the folks who have signed up to be coached and supported by me on; the editors of the newspapers that run my column and the websites that post it - as well as the people who read it; and of course to my family - especially my loving wife Mary Ann.


I am also very grateful to YOU dear reader, for allowing me into into your life.

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