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Your Success Thought for the Week of October 20, 2010

Top Ten Success Tips for New Leaders

Company leaders have become more creative over the past few years.  This has been necessitated by one of two scenarios:

1)       They've suffered losses through mandatory layoffs.  Budget cuts eliminated positions or forced them to replace high paying positions with less-qualified individuals.

2)       They've grown so fast that they can hardly keep up with the demand.  Their focus is on taking care of the customer, not necessarily in taking care of their employees.


In both scenarios, individuals are promoted into management positions with no leadership experience or training. Adding to the challenge, there is no 'one size fits all' solution to growing your leadership skills and becoming a great leader. 


All new leaders, whether corporate, board, government or church leader, are individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses.  Each member of the new team to be lead has their own strengths, weaknesses, needs, opinions and assumptions of this new leader.


Thirteen years of executive and leadership coaching has taught me that new leaders are particularly susceptible to failure. 


Here are my 'Top Seven Success Tips' for my 'New Leader' clients.


1)       Take a Breath:  no one expects you to master your new position the first week.  Make time to fully know what's expected of you and decide how you can exceed it; learn how your area fits into the overall company goals; who your people are individually with their own strengths, desires, goals and perhaps most importantly what motivates them.

2)       Know That All Eyes Are On You:  it is important to know early on that everyone down the pay scale watches leaders for clues about how the company is doing.  If you look stressed, confused or angry (as many new leaders unwittingly do) workers know they should worry.  You want them to see an optimistic, confident leader they can trust.

3)       Make a Physical Change:  this is especially true if you're now managing people who were previously your peers. A physical change is the fastest way to let people know that there is something new about you.  Take your overall appearance up a notch or two.  Slight changes communicate that you take this new position seriously.

4)       Find a Trusted Advisor:  this person is typically a peer with whom you can confide and who will provide solid feedback to you.  You do the same for this individual.  Take time in selecting someone whose values are consistent with yours and whom you trust and respect.  Ask a superior for suggestions.

5)       Improve Your Communication Skills:  the communication skills that worked in your last position will be inferior to what you now need.  If written or computer skills are lacking, take a class.  If you are less than confident in public speaking, join Toastmasters.  If you think you don't have time, think of how much time you'll have if you fail.

6)       Create Balance:  new leaders feel that they have to give their life to their job in order to prove themselves.  This is a great road to lost perspective and early burn out. To be the best you can be, you need outside relationships, exercise, proper eating, sleep and hydration.  If you didn't focus on yourself before, now's the time.

7)       Hire a Coach:  with 40% of new leaders failing in the first two years (often two years of agony and disappointment) you need support.  Working with a skilled coach makes your transition into leadership easier.  You don't have time to read the thousands of books out there on leadership, but you do have time to work with your coach, who is focused solely upon your success, a few hours each month.

Great leaders are passionate about becoming the best they can be and making a difference.  If you are serious about being a great leader, incorporate these tips into your success plan today.


These seven tips, by the way, work equally well for seasoned leaders who have lost their way. 

 If you are challenged with this concept of 'being a new leader and becoming stronger,'' take the first step.  Hire Ann or one of our coaches to guide you.  At GV&A, we have accomplished, talented, certified coaches to serve you. It can be easier than you think to attain the success you are after.  No matter how you define it, your success is our only goal!  Call us today!

Enjoy your discoveries and have a great week!


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Another Success Thought Testimonial


I found the weekly tip on "Seven ways to Blow a Presentation" very useful.  I do many presentations and while reading these tips, I found myself remembering a few times when I actually followed a couple of those and my presentation suffered. 


I really liked the style of "what not to do."  Poignant and precise.  I can quickly remember those tips and use them to my benefit and certainly my audience. Thank you.


~ Kyle Gorman, Region Manager, Oregon Water Resources Department

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