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Your Success Thought for the Week of July 28, 2010
Focus Matters

What about 'focus' really matters?  Focus determines the results you attain in every scenario.  It is the one thing in life over which you have complete control.  No one can take it away without your permission--not a bad economy, not a fight with your spouse, and not even a broken dream.  You alone get to choose the focus you bring to any interaction.

You are at your best and strongest focus when entering into something important to you...a big presentation, negotiation, asking someone for a first date, or asking someone to marry you.  At these times, you have nothing but a positive focus and outcome in mind.

What about other times when you are blindly unaware of your focus?  You may be distracted, not present, wasting precious moments with judgmental or assumptive thoughts, consumed with what will go wrong.  This unproductive focus leads your actions and outcome, not you.

Here are examples of powerful 'focus' choices you can make.

Early Adapter: Your company is in an ever changing market.  Nearly every day, one board member or another calls with new ideas for growth, most of them a complete waste of time in your mind.  What is your focus when you receive the calls?  "Oh, it's her again?  I simply don't have time for this?" or "One of these ideas may be the next greatest thing.  I'll listen intently, be open, and ask insightful questions to see if I can pull something of value out of this."  Which focus will bring you the desired results?

Negative to Positive:  You've just come out of a series of challenging meetings. You have three more to go and at least 50 e-mails requiring your attention. Knowing that your focus is written all over your face, what do you want the participants of your next meeting to see when you enter the door?  "I'm tired, stressed, overloaded and don't have time for you!" or "I'm here to make things happen.  Tell me how I can help.  You and this issue are important to me." 

Reality Check:  You have many great things going for you and on most days you realize it.  Yet today (this week or month,) you're down. Things are not meshing.  Your underlying focus may be one of anger, irritation or impatience.  You may not realize how much this 'down' feeling has to do with your self esteem, how you feel about yourself and your capabilities at a very deep level.  When you doubt yourself, you doubt everyone and everything around you. 

 Don't be foolid into thinking that you can can hide this down focus.  Instead give yourself a reality check.  There is nothing that will come before you today that you cannot handle, positively contribute to, or make better.  You have the strength, knowledge, experience and self trust to execute a favorable outcome. Let this be your focus instead of how 'down' you may feel.

I challenge you this week to heighten awareness of your moment-to-moment focus.  You can then challenge yourself to modify your focus for the greatest outcome in every scenario that presents itself to you. 

Example, when I sat down to write this 'Success Thought' this morning, around 100 distracting thoughts came to me that could have prevented my creative focus.  I could check e-mail, send a series of correspondences, check out CNN, read a great new book that was calling out to me.  Instead I challenged myself to 'focus.'  The results are before you.  Positive outcome and it feels great!  Treat yourself to the same this week and beyond!

If you are challenged with this concept of 'focus mattering,' begin with taking small steps.  Hire one of our coaches to guide you.  At GV&A, we have a variety of skilled, talented, certified coaches to serve you. It can be fun and easier than you think to attain the success you are after.


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