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Your Success Thought for the Week of November 11, 2009
Journaling:  A Lost Art or Key to Your Future Success?
Do you write in a journal?  If so, why?  To explore dreams, goals, challenges?  If not, why?  Time, not sure where to start, afraid someone will read it?
Because I believe journaling to be such a strong 'success tool,' I've signed on with a publisher to produce a 'How To' guide to journaling.  Below is an excerpt from my introduction, relating to one of the many compelling reasons to write down your goals, thoughts and plans.
"A 1989 Harvard study found that only 3% of the 1979 MBA graduates had clear, written goals with a method of attaining them.  Ten years later, the researchers found that the 3% of graduates who had clear, written goals when they left Harvard were earning, on average, ten times as much as the remaining 97% of all Harvard graduates."
If money and success don't motivate you, let's look at journaling from a different perspective--peace of mind? 
Imagine driving to the most important presentation of your life with the kids yelling in the back, radio blaring, glancing at your blackberry at every stoplight and with a police car directly behind you.  What image will you present upon arriving at your destination?  How focused or effective will you be?
Now, imagine driving to the same presentation having planned for someone else to drop off your children, enjoying silence or low level peaceful music to calm you, blackberry silenced, and the police car just took a left turn. 
Your mind is relaxed, focused and you feel energized - not drained - as with the above distractions.  What image will you now present?  With this strong, confident focus, what results will you now attain through this important presentation?
Rushing through your days without taking the time to enjoy your thoughts, without dreaming and processing your successes, is like living life in the fast lane, the first scenario above.  Toby Keith has a song that mentions 'the fast lane suddenly got lonely.'  You, too, can be lonely when you are not even listening to yourself.
Writing in a journal captures your thoughts and emotions. You write much more slowly than you think, so you can process thoughts at a much deeper level, and gain more clarity. 
The mere act of writing, especially if you are more used to keyboarding, strengthens both sides of your brain (right-creative in moving your hand in a different manner, and left-logical in putting more thought into what your're writing).
OK, for those of you who cannot bear the thought of 'handwriting,' having an area on your computer where you can journal your thoughts, aspirations, goals and dreams is better than nothing. 
The key is to take time out for 'you,' asking yourself questions like: "What successes do I want?" Or, taking time to celebrate in writing the successes you've attained rather than moving onto the next task at hand.
I'd love to hear from you on this topic.  If you journal, what benefits do you attain from it? What is your strategy?  If not, what is your greatest obstacle?  What would compel you to begin this writing journey? 
Let me know your thoughts - you may be quoted in my upcoming 'how to' guide on journaling. (I would, of course, ask your permission before quoting you.)
Enjoy your discoveries and have a great week.


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