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Your Success Thought for the Week of September 23, 2009
Stay Hungry
WOW, did last week's Success Thought on 'Being Better' stimulate positive comments from you!  It appears that you resonated with that concept and were motivated to get back to the business of making each day better than the last.
Reader Dr. Brad Ward submitted the below Success Thought, 'Stay Hungry', as a follow-up to last week's 'Being Better'.  Thanks, Dr. Ward!
To the rest of you, enjoy this great article and your ensuing discoveries this week!  A heartfelt thanks for your comments!

I have been a mountaineer for the past thirteen years, which began in 1996 when I climbed the Grand Teton in Wyoming.  I have continued to climb over the years, including Mount Hood a few times and most of the peaks in Central Oregon.
This past summer, I made it to the top of the Grand Teton again, but this time with my sixteen year-old son, Jackson.  I wanted to share the experience with him, but more than that, I wanted to have him experience setting an objective, persevering, and then reaching that goal.  Hopefully, one day he'll apply that experience to his life.
Mountaineering is a metaphorical experience.  First of all it requires setting a specific target (the summit) planning the course of action to reach the goal (the route) deciding on the resources you need for the project (supplies, food, water, logistics) and alternative plans for unexpected obstacles (weather, exhaustion, altitude sickness).
As a very goal-oriented person, the process appeals to me greatly, but the actual act of mountaineering itself is hard work.  Many times I will think of a poolside I could be sitting at rather than being in an environment of harsh rock.
One of the biggest things I have found is my thoughts and emotions upon reaching the summit.  I feel satisfied for making the top, and mentally congratulate myself, but while enjoying the view, I can't but help to notice the mountains on the horizon, and larger challenges to conquer on future climbs.
This is the way we should approach the goals we set for ourselves in our lives.  We should celebrate our successes and feel satisfaction, but we should look ahead to other even larger challenges ahead.
We can always perform better, make better decisions, or deal with others more effectively.  One must not lose sight of these aspirations, nor of the process of trying to become a better person each day.
One of the traps people fall into with this mindset is to never be satisfied with any success, and lead a life of blind ambition to be the best, no matter what the price of victory.
Unfortunately, this may be at the expense of a spouse, family, or even personal health.  A good balance is needed to work for new challenges, but not to have it control your life.
These concepts are nothing we haven't heard before ("don't rest on your laurels") but are worth remembering.  Years ago, I came up with my own personal mantra to remember the concept of seeking new challenges. The mantra began in high school when I was a skinny forward for my high school basketball team, desperately trying to gain weight and become stronger.
I ate everything in sight one summer to this end, this two word mantra taped to my bedroom wall.  In later years, it more aptly fit with the concept of searching for new goals after reaching the top.  Interestingly, I lifted the two words come from the title of an obscure 1976 Arnold Schwarzenegger film.  The movie?  "Stay Hungry."
Enjoy your discoveries and have an amazing week!

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