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Your Success Thought for the Week of September 16, 2009
Being Better Tomorrow Than You Are Today
What impresses me about the type of individual who hires a leadership coach is their eagerness to become a better person tomorrow than they are today.
If you and I are as good today as we are ever going to be, the remainder of our lives will be uneventful.  Looking in the mirror, can you say to yourself that you have nothing to improve upon as a leader, spouse, parent, friend or influencer?
There is always room for improvement. Keeping a continual eye on how we can enhance who we are makes us come alive!  Here are some areas my clients seek to improve.  Perhaps one will resonate with you.
Public Speaking:  The irony here is that those who are already good public speakers are the ones who want tools and techniques to become better. As with leadership below, those who need to improve their speaking skills seldom seem to realize it.
Common areas for quick improvement are eliminating the use of fillers like 'um' and 'ah;' utilizing the correct 'audience appropriate' words or analogy to get their point across; enhancing facial expressions or vocal tones.
Fulfilling a Dream: Highly accomplished individuals became that way because they had a vision and are not satisfied with accomplishing just one goal.
New visions and dreams captivate them like writing their book or play; expanding what they do locally to a national level; reviving their teen rock band into something big; opening a new business; becoming an actor or fine artist. 
Coaching helps break long time dreams into workable mini goals; whereas, well-intending friends or associates may find reasons this new endeavor will not work.  "You've got it great now; you're fabulous at what you do!  Why rock the boat?"
Spectacular Leadership:  As with public speaking, an irony exists within the leadership community.  Good leaders who want to become great seek the help of experienced and coaches and mentors. There's only so much a book can teach. 
Then, there are marginal leaders who believe they are good enough, no need for improvement.  Sadly, these oblivious leaders can do more damage than good. 
Some still try to influence through bullying or acting unilaterally, ignoring the talent available to them. Others criticize when encouragement is needed, find fault instead of answers or grow apathetic. They simply no longer care.
Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, you can be better tomorrow than you are today.  Be one of the people I so admire in seeking your route to self enhancement! If not a qualified coach, then take a class, join a group with similar interests, take up a new sport-anything to enhance who you are and who you are becoming.
Enjoy your discoveries and have an amazing week!

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