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Your Success Thought for the Week of August 19, 2009
Mastering Disappointment
No one is immune from disappointing news.  It can be as minor as missing an important meeting to the devastation of a serious illness striking a loved one. 
Many layers of displeasure exist between these two extremes.
What's important is how we handle life's unpleasant challenges. Here are some coping strategies clients have undertaken:
  • Tyler, the talker.  Tyler tells his story of woe to anyone who will listen, oftentimes before he has the facts or time to think it through on his own.  Sometimes Tyler is seeking advice, more often compassion, or as some put it, pity.  He looks outward to solve his disappointment.
  • Alex, the researcher.  Alex hits the computer, vigilantly researching everything she can on the topic at hand. While careful of the sites on which she attains data, much false information exists on the Internet.
  • Jacob, the writer.  Jacob journals everything in life-his successes along with his day-to-day challenges.  He taps into his inner wisdom to gain clarity.  Writing helps him form a game plan for action. 
  • Mackenzie, the runner.  Mac runs often, yet used to neglect this problem-solving technique when stressed.  She's learned that when disappointment hits, she hits the pavement for release.
The greater your disappointment, the greater the need for a strategy that works specifically for you. I recommend combining approaches.
  1. Journal: Set time aside each day for self reflection, or a pity party.  Even ten minutes of exploring your feelings through writing helps to release them.  Otherwise, they are just under the surface ready to bubble-up at any time.  Writing (rather than merely thinking things through) activates the right and left side of the brain for greater clarity and creativity.
  2. Get active:  Run, swim, walk, play tennis, take up a new sport.  You need the physical release or the stress of disappointment can cause illness.  Physical activity also releases endorphins (or 'feel good' chemicals) in your body for greater clarity and creativity. 
  3. Research and seek advice:  Do your due diligence.  Sometimes you need outside resources.  Seek ones you trust.  Value the time and expertise of individuals you call upon.  Be prepared and listen.
  4. Maintain perspective:  No matter the disappointment, you have much for which to be grateful in your life.  List, celebrate and appreciate all that is right rather than simply focusing on what isn't going your way. 
I hope you don't face disappointments this week but if you do, you'll move through them more quickly and efficiently with these strategies.  Soon, you'll be back to changing the world and making a difference.
Enjoy your discoveries and have a grand week!

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