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Your Success Thought for the Week of August 5, 2009
People Are Crazy
Each time I listen to country singer Billy Currington's #1 hit song People are Crazy, I chuckle.  Why?  Because it's so often true.
Even though we know the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over again while expecting different results, we do it all the time.
It's well-documented that we humans think 60,000 thoughts each day. When I hear limiting statements like: "I'm ____ years old and not about to change!" or "That's just me, it's who I am," I am saddened that these individuals likely think the same 60,000 thoughts day after day. 
What's even crazier is that they follow the above statement with what they want in life.  "I'll never change but I really want that be a better get more immediate have more friends." 
If you want something more than you have today,
simply change something about 'you.'
Here's an example of someone who welcomes change, constantly reinventing himself.  In the last 15 years, client Jacob has been divorced, survived cancer and been fired from a high level position.  He could easily hold onto the titles of divorcée, cancer survivor or misfit employee who has been fired? 
Instead he's chosen to use each of these experiences as building blocks to grow into a new and improved version of himself.  You'd have to know Jacob fairly well to know any of those elements of 'who he once was.'
Change needn't be frightening.  Even small changes will create new pathways in your brain which stimulate creative thinking.
Here are some suggestions.

* Change exercise: If already swim, try running, or yoga.
* Change routines:  Wake up or go to bed earlier; make that first move to solve a problem or miscommunication; turn complaints into solutions.
* Change conversations: Invite someone younger or older to lunch to learn about their life, interests, challenges or profession.
* Change physical environment:  Rearrange your office or a room at home, add plants or remove clutter.
* Change entertainment habits:  If you like jazz, experiment with country or rock music.  
Even the simplest change can bring about dramatic results over time. 
If you are one of those individuals who think you should be the exact same person today as even six months ago, take another look.  Try something new to attain new and improved results.
People really are crazy at times; just make sure you're not one of them.
Enjoy your discoveries and have an outstanding week!

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