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Your Success Thought for the Week of July 22, 2009
Beyond 360 Degree Surveys
I had the rare opportunity of spending a day behind the scenes at our prestigious St. Charles Medical Center last week. 
The program, "Intern for a Day," is provided through the hospital foundation to give the lay person a glimpse of all that happens behind the 'Do Not Enter' or 'Employees Only' signs. 
From the Heart Center to Radiology, Pediatrics, the Birthing Center to Rehab, ER and even behind the scenes while surgeons were operating, it was a well-oiled machine.
People who complain about the high cost of health care should see all that goes into running this facility that saves lives and keeps us healthy.  
After traipsing through a maze of hallways and past hundreds of dedicated workers, one thing that stood out was the pure passion each provider had for his or her work. 
It was clear that these physicians, nurses and support staff were there as a 'calling,' not merely employees collecting a paycheck.
Even the HVAC engineer was more excited about how they prevent air from recirculation in operating rooms than many would be about getting their first promotion.
These people deal daily with life-and-death situations; the challenges of new equipment and computer systems; intense emotions of patients and loved ones.  They oftentimes have heartbreaking messages to convey.  They see babies born and others die. 
How do they keep motivated let alone passionate? 
  • They appear to be smart, continually staying ahead of the new procedures and state-of-the-art techniques. Ongoing education is a must.
  • They are compassionate and genuinely care about providing the best service imaginable for their patients and in support of each other.
  • They take their work seriously yet from what I observed can lighten up and have fun.
  • They maintain an open attitude, remaining flexible as anything can and will happen. 
My question to you:
  • What experience would an 'intern for the day' have in your place of business?  What would they observe? Passion, motivation, flexibility, compassion or ???
  • The above bullets can lead to passion in any work (or home) environment.  How can you experience more of this in yours?
I invite you to walk around your business imagining being there for the first time.  What is the level of passion or eagerness?  What surprises you that you may be currently overlooking?
Enjoy your discoveries and have a grand week!

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