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Your Success Thought for the Week of July 15, 2009
The Best of You
Why would you give anything less than 'the best of you' to any relationship--business, personal or intrapersonal?  Yet, through being preoccupied, worried, distracted, angry, or not in-the-moment, we are too often not at our best.
I support my clients in being 'in their game.'  How I describe this is: being alive, driving away from a day of work or activity saying 'Yes! I did it!  I'm on!';  'Look at what I created today!'; or  'How can I improve even one percent on this for tomorrow?'
Being in-your-game exposes the 'best of you,' allowing everyone to benefit from experiencing you at your peak.  It takes awareness more so than effort.
What are the costs of giving less than the best-of-you?
Professional:  You're not fully engaged. In this economic climate, your team needs you operate in your highest capacity, to be 'in your game.'  In the least-case scenario, you are disappointing your team and losing opportunities ($$$) for your company.  In the worst- case scenario, over time, you may be fired.
Personal:  It's not fun to know you're not being the best that you can be.  It is a heavy weight that can pull you down, cause depression, and throw you into a slow downward spiral.
Relationships:  Over time, it can cause apathy - a killer to partnerships, marriages and friendships.
What is the solution?  How can you bring the best-of-you out to play?
1) Know what the best-of-you is.  Clients are often surprised when I ask them this question.  "I've never thought of it" is a frequent answer I hear back.  Jot down aspects of the 'best of you:'  What you look like and feel like when you are at your peak.  How do you know when you are exposing the best-of-you?  An example can be body language; an inner feeling of being 'on.' It can be in the way others are listening to or reacting to you; or, you might experience a surge of creativity or energy.
2) Ask for feedback:  What do others see when you are at your best? What do they observe when you are not?  What are indicators, results?  Ask trusted sources to give you in-the-moment feedback.
3) Know your triggers:  When not at your best, ask yourself what might have triggered it.  Triggers can be hard to identify, yet are valuable information.  For example, "This person irks me; I am more irritated than at-my-best around him."  The trigger may not 'him' but you.  What is it within you that pulls you down?  A lack of confidence?  Is a negative experience associated with this person?  Can you separate either your lack of confidence or your own experience from this individual?
This week, give thought to what 'the best of you' looks like and feels like.  What benefits do you attain from this awareness and extra effort?
Enjoy discovering a little something new about 'you' and have a grand week!

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