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Your Success Thought for the Week of June 17, 2009
Time to Self Adjust
While enjoying my wake-up swim this morning, I began experiencing equipment failure.  First it was my goggles.  Each time I adjusted them, more water dribbled in, creating fog and overall making things worse. Then my swim cap began to have a mind of its own. 
My Zen time of the day was quickly becoming a source of irritation. One irritation quickly led to another, pondering the people and things that cause me angst.   My downward spiral was in full swing. 
It was such smooth transition from enjoyment to irritation that I barely noticed what I was doing to myself. Was this really the way I wanted to start my day knowing the repercussions could linger for hours?
Time to 'self adjust' my focus, attitude, and actions.
In stopping, breathing, taking time to make sure everything was in proper placement (rather than trying to do so in mid-stroke,) things began to look brighter.  Utilizing a little humor at how far off course I'd allowed myself to go was a bonus.
I noticed the beauty of being in the pool at 5:45 a.m. while most folks are slapping their alarm clocks for 'five more minutes' of rest.  I noticed the rarity of having the pool entirely to myself, how great it felt to move swiftly through the water and to feel strong.  I began pondering my day through a new, more eager lens.
And all of this happened in my mind with no outside forces.  I alone was robbing myself of the enjoyable experience. I alone could self adjust. 
How many times each day would you benefit from self-adjusting? Wouldn't it be great to have a mirror reflecting back that you've veered off course, or a warning signal? 
Situations, people, the slightest thing (like a malfunctioning goggle) can set us off.  And then, there are the big choices and actions that preoccupy our thoughts.
We carry agitation into conversations, decisions, directives.  We unwittingly share it with others through body language and vocal tone, as if to make them pay for our irritation. The result:  lack of patience, respect, or curiosity for those with whom we're communicating; more irritation, less progress, more unsatisfactory results.
This week, use this concept of self-adjusting often and with humor.  We all get off track.  (I've been known to stop mid sentence, noting that I am off track.)  If you catch it early enough, the self adjustment is simple, as in the pool above.  The longer you keep your blinders on about getting off track, the harder it is to change course.
Enjoy your discoveries and have a grand week.

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