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Your Success Thought for the Week of June 10, 2009
Build Upon Past Successes
You know the college football player who had that 'one great play' that won the game?  Twenty years later, he relives the sensation of the greatest success of his life...and laments the good old days when life was easy and simple. 
Then there is the other college football player who had his own 'one great play' that amazed even himself.  Through his college days, he continued to have more and more great plays.  Instead of reliving each play as a frozen moment-in-time, he used each as a building block for his foundation for future successes.
He may have asked himself: "What worked so well in that play? How can I use what I learned to build future successes?  How can I mold, modify or adapt it to new scenarios to bring about the greatest achievement?"
Without knowing it, you may be caught in the first scenario above.  You experience one great success or experience and accept that as your singular definition of success rather than opening yourself up to new and greater successes. 
This is evidenced in saying such things as:
"At my last company, we did it this way and it worked. 
Let's adapt your current scenario to my past success."
rather than:
"My previous experience was different than your (new company's) approach. Let's combine the highlights of both approaches to develop a
more relevant scenario moving forward. 

Our goal is to use past, present and future data and experiences to create optimal success....and then to build upon those successes."*
The former approach shows an individual living in the past, wanting everyone around them to move backward with them, to relive that 'one great play' or approach.  They still revel in their previous success rather than seeing it as a platform on which to build future successes.
The latter shows an individual who is both willing and eager to step boldly and confidently into the future.  He is focused on utilizing the past as foundation for future successes. He is excited to learn about new approaches and modes of thinking.
Which individual do you want on your team?  Which individual are you?
This week, do an inventory.  In what areas of your life might you be dwelling in the past, perhaps wishing things would not change instead of inviting change for greater success?
Enjoy your discoveries and have a superb week.

*You may substitute any 'relationship' for 'company' above -  'my last wife did it this last board operated this last CEO had these expectations...indicating that things should remain the same.  What you are communicating is "I want you to adapt to my past rather than creating a bright, highly successful future with you."

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