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Your Success Thought for the Week of May 20, 2009
Strengthen Focus to Heighten Results
We humans are such fascinating creatures.  We have a myriad of patterns in our every day living-some serve to move us forward, while many of the patterns we've established for ourselves actually work against us. 
It's easy to identify the latter when they are physical:  we gain weight, so we alter our pattern of eating; we feel sluggish, so we modify our vitamin or water intake; we have problems sleeping, so we exercise more often or intensely.
What about thought patterns that aren't so easily observed, the mental ones?  I see mental 'focus' patterns in associates, clients and naturally in myself that, when modified, produce dramatically heightened results. The key is to first identify the pattern, and then to determine how well it's working for or against you. Here are some examples.
Scenario: You're having an overall challenging day.  Things are not jiving. You feel yourself becoming more impatient with each new person, request and interruption. 

Typical Focus:  I'm irritated with everyone and everything.  Things are moving in slow motion.  Why doesn't anyone simply do their job so that I can do mine?

Strengthened Focus:  I'm losing perspective on the results I am after. I'll breath and regroup; I'll focus on the task at hand with a fresh new point of view.  How can I do this?  Perhaps I'll ask George for his take on this strategy so I can get back on track.  It's never too late to start my day all over again.  I need to lighten up.
Scenario:  Every time I ask Chloe to complete a task she complains about how much she has to do.  This makes me angry but I have no other choice.  She's the best at what she does; it's just getting through that initial irritating phase of making the request to her.

Typical Focus:  Why can't she just do what I ask?  Why does she make it so difficult for me?  I've talked to her about this but nothing seems to help.  I'm angry and annoyed.

Strengthened Focus:  Apparently what I've tried hasn't worked.  She is great at what she does.  What haven't I tried?  Perhaps if I acknowledge her more, ask more questions about her interests and expertise, put my request in different words or tone?  Perhaps I'll ask her how she likes to be motivated rather than assume I know how.
We have many choices regarding how to focus upon and thus handle the challenges that take aim at us each day.  We can choose emotions-perhaps curiosity rather than anxiety.  We can take more responsibility in asking how we may have contributed to the results we are attaining. 
We can choose humor: "Holy cow, how did it come to this?" We can choose accountability over blame; choose to focus on the solution rather than the problem.  My personal favorite, we can choose optimism rather than pessimism. 
This week, challenge your patterns of focus when challenged.  Ask yourself how well this focus is working for you and if a strengthened one might produce heightened results.
Enjoy your discoveries and have a grand week.

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