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Your Success Thought for the Week of May 6, 2009
Staying Alive
Mounting evidence proves how your emotional state effects your health, more specifically your heart.  An article, 'Negative Emotions Linked To Heart Issues' in this week's The Arizona Republic declares:
"Emotional upheaval--whether in the form of stress, worry, depression or anger can increase your risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke.  People with psychological stress had a 50% increased risk of a cardiovascular disease.  Even a very mild state of depression can increase by 50% the long term risk of death due to heart disease."
I'm not sure that I know a person who would not benefit from 'lightening up' on themselves and those around them.  OK, there are one or two of you, and you know who you are. 
One thing that ten years of Catholic education taught me is that people don't learn (or listen, cooperate, create or get enthused) with someone standing over them demanding that they do so. Yet, how much of your day is spent in demanding things from yourself and others?  Not only is this unhealthy, it is not productive.
The most common objection I hear to 'lightening up' is "But my job is so serious; I don't want people to think I don't care enough to take it seriously."
Lightening up, especially when you consider it a life-saving measure, does not mean that you  become the life of the party.  What it does mean is that you are smart, savvy, and care enough to shake things up and take folks to a new experience when they deal with you.
Here are three suggestions to consider if you want to spend a few more years on earth:
1. Start and end each day with a winning focus: Although we know better, how many of us wake up each morning with at least a little dread of the day ahead and end up punishing ourselves, at least a little, for what we didn't get done, what didn't go as planned?  Stop that.  Instead shift your morning focus to "What will go right today and how can I make that happen?" and end each day with "Wow, I did it.  Now how can I build upon that tomorrow?"
2. Choose your focus: Studies show that 75% of the 60,000 thoughts we think each day are negative.  Ouch!  You have the power to change that by first simply noticing those unproductive thoughts.  Then, choose what will bring you more of what you intend to accomplish.  For example, change "she'll poke holes in my proposal so why even present it" to "I know she can be impatient and closed can I present this in a manner that will captivate her long enough so she can get the full picture?"
3. Begin with people first:  At the start of any interaction, especially a potentially volatile one, breathe and look into the eyes of those with whom you are about to influence.  What is important to them at this moment?  Do they need to feel safe, understood, listened to, inspired, educated, a break in the tension with a personal question?  Having taken care of their needs, you can more quickly and effectively move forward with your goals.  Without this step, which can take less than a minute, you may never get full buy-in to what you are about to present.
Today, May 6, 2009 people need, even crave, less stress and more positive experiences.  This week, do what you can to foster stronger health for yourself and others through heightened emotional experiences.

Enjoy your discoveries and have a grand week.

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