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Your Success Thought for the Week of February 25, 2009
The Best of Times
A client recently posed the following questions to me: 
"What if these are the best of times and we haven't figured that out yet? 
What if five years from now we look back at the lessons learned in 2009 
 as some of the best lessons of all?"
His reasoning:
  • I am more confident in my business strategy.  The slowdown gave me time to focus upon and strengthen it.
  • My business is now a fine-tuned machine, whereas many times we've felt like we were running on empty.
  • While hard at first, layoffs have made my remaining staff more appreciative, motivated and creative.
  • My wife and I have turned our television off, having grown weary of the terrible news. 
  • Instead we actually talk at the end of the day about such things as travel, dreams and schemes.
  • I spend more quality time with my kids whom we've steered away from TV, computers and video games.
  • I'm teaching my children better wealth management lessons now than I was one year ago.
  • I am exercising more regularly and have made some cool new friends with similar interests.
  • I am more selective of the people with whom I surround myself, eliminating folks who are obsessed with bad news.
  • Overall, my income may not be where I like it but, funny as it may sound, I feel great!
Oftentimes, what appears to be the 'worst of times' is actually the best.  Take another client, Kathleen, for example.  Years ago, Kathleen was fired from a high profile job.  There was a public outcry, letters to the editor, loads of blame. 
People told her that she should sue her former employer, due to how unjust and unfair they were.  All of this only served to hold Kathleen in a place of anger and regret.  Well-intending friends were postponing Kathleen's recovery by focusing on the past rather than what was next for her.   
Once Kathleen decided against the lawsuit, knowing it would keep her in a place of negativity for years, she was ready to move on.  She soon discovered a completely new professional path that was better suited to her skills and talents.  She doubled her income the first year and tripled it within five years.  And she was happy.
In hindsight, Kathleen realized just how discontented she was in her previous position but nothing was bad enough to motivate her to leave.  Now, she considers getting fired the best thing that ever happened to her as it made her take a deeper look at what she wanted.  97% of the people I've interviewed who have been fired have a similar story, although they were devastated at first.
This week, and ask yourself if these are actually some of the best of times in your life?  What is going right for you at the moment?  Are you alive, healthy, motivated, in love?  Are you setting positive boundaries, appreciating the simple things, getting more creative? What you focus upon is what you create, so choose wisely.    
Life is good.   Find something to celebrate!  Help others find things to celebrate as well.
Enjoy your discoveries and have a grand week.
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Your newsletter never ceases to amaze me with timely wisdom that we
 can apply to so many aspects of our work, play and life.  This week's
 hit a home run. Thank you and best wishes!!  
                                 ~Kelly Herman, Kelly Herman & Co, Bend, OR

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