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Your Success Thought for the Week of February 11, 2009
Changing Your True Colors
Have you noticed a slight shift in yourself or those around you recently? 
  • Negative people seem to be finding more things to complain about
  • Creative cohorts may be surprising you with new ideas that are especially brilliant
  • Dumpers, those who dump their problem on you with the expectation of you solving it for them are dumping more and more on you
This is because in times of tension, our true colors come out - yours, mine and those all around you. Your wisdom comes into play in realizing that there are options.  You can pick new colors.
It's exciting for me to hear a client complain: 'That's the way I've always been. I may not like it, but that's me.  My mother (or father) was the same way.' This is a green light to seek alternative approaches and question old familiar colors.  Perhaps there's a brand new rainbow of approaches, or colors,  from which to select. 
Here are some examples of how one can change their 'true colors':

  • A negative person who is convinced that is the only approach can simply stop and stretch.  Sometimes, I'll have them physically move to a different location to look at the same scenario from a different viewpoint.  Is there a supplementary approach?  Could it be that you don't have all of the facts?  What assumptions are limiting you?  Where's the opportunity?
  • A brilliant yet shy person who does not project themselves in meetings, and who actually resents those who do can stop and stretch.  Is this the way you really want to be?  If not what will help?  Tools as visualizing your articulate and valuable contribution; baby steps as speaking a little at each meeting thus slowly building skill, competence and confidence; feedback, coursework or Toastmasters?
  • A reactive person who speaks (or yells) before thinking, also known as the one who 'fires, aims, ready', can stop and stretch. Often looked at as less than credible, this person's colors can switch to that of a more highly respected and methodical thinker by slowing down.  It's important to know your audience, specifics of the situation, and that it's not all about you.  A strong leader or contributor is never completely surprised to the point where they have to react, because they've taken the time to get the facts and think things out before they are in the heat of the battle. 
Your true colors start with your thought process. This week, notice the thought patterns that dominate your mind.  Ask yourself if this is the way you really want to be.  If not, try one of the above suggestions, even if the scenario doesn't describe you.  Who knows, you may just like your new and more expansive line of colors...and those around you may appreciate your efforts.
Enjoy your discoveries and have a grand week.
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You wrote to me today with some interesting thoughts that really hit home.  We actually had this kind of conversation at an executive meeting yesterday.  I had to forward it to my team just to solidify our conversation.  Yesterday's meeting was full of excitement - people expanding their existing businesses, people expanding their business products - no one had a negative thought or issue.  Likeminded people create a powerful setting.
~ Sanna Phinney, Bend, OR

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