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Your Success Thought for the Week of January 28, 2009
The Sky Is Falling
My friend and proud father of two, Roger Lee, reminded me of a fairy tale he was recently reading to his children which reminded him of discussions of our current economic situation.  The tale-Chicken Little.*
For those of you without the benefit of small children, allow me to remind you of the general theme.
Something falls on Chicken Little's head while playing in the garden one day and her interpretation is that "the sky is falling."  Yikes, she must notify the king. 
Along her way to the king, she shares this terrifying information with every farm animal she encounters.  Her warning to the awestruck and gullible farm animals:
"The sky is falling!  I saw it with my eyes,
I heard it with my ears,
and a bit of it fell on my head!"
The result--each followed her out of pure fear.  Now, they too must tell the king. 

Soon, they run into Foxy Loxy. Little do they know the trap they are about to enter.
"Do you know the way to the king's house?" asked Foxy Loxy.

"No," said Chicken Little, "No," said Henny Penny, "No," said Ducky Daddles. "No," said Goosey Loosey. "No," said Turkey Lurkey.

"Then come with me and I will show you," said Foxy Loxy.  And just as he was about to lead them into his den to eat them - the sky fell on him.

Why am I sharing this with you as a 'success thought' this week?  It's a great reminder to pay attention to who you trust, where your focus is, where you are headed and what pitfalls may await you. 
Additionally, Roger's point:  We've collectively forgotten about the grim end to those who loose perspective, panic and encourage others to do the same. 
This week take a different view.  First, ask yourself if the sky is actually falling for you. (I know of plenty of people for whom it is not.)  And if your sky is not falling, perhaps it's time to surround yourself with other likeminded people who are focused on boldly moving forward, not staying in a place fear.   
Even if the sky appears to be falling all around you, what pieces can you pick up to begin to build something even better than what you had before?  
Enjoy your discoveries and have a grand week.

* For a complete version of Chicken Little click on

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Thank you so much Ann! You sure do have the right words at the right times. :) Very soothing to the soul in times of unrest. ~ Amy Moser, Bend, OR

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