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Your Success Thought for the Week of November 19, 2008
Know What's Important
Life doesn't have to be as complicated as we make it, nor do relationships, business, or time management choices. Clients are often surprised at how simple these issues can be once we break them down into smaller pieces and focus on what is truly important. 
Why are we so quick to complicate things in the first place? There's too much coming at us minute-by-minute all day long-data to decipher, decisions to be made, followers to lead. We wake up in the morning and turn on the dire news--not the most creative or joyful way to start your thought processes for the day.
Other ways we complicate our lives:
  • Focusing outward rather than inward - we focus on the competition rather than how we can fine tune ourselves, our services or products.
  • Misplacing trust - we trust others' expertise whom we respect, rather than our own inner knowing of what is right, important, the next step.
  • Toxic people - we know the people who bring us down yet still unconsciously gravitate toward them. Or, perhaps we've become toxic?
  • TMI - we're not discerning about the amount and type of information we allow in via e-mail and the media; we just can't let go of that blackberry.
  • Keeping things in our mind - the mind can only hold so much; in time, small issues snowball out of proportion. We lose perspective. Things are more clear and accurate on paper.
Knowing what's important for what you face in this very moment is the cure for all of these complications. It's as simple as slowing down long enough to quietly ask yourself:  "What's most important to me right now?"
If we are looking at real estate to purchase, we look for the 'highest and best use' of this property.  Discerning what is important to you right now is using the 'highest and best use' of your mind. 
Steps to do this? 

, spend time this week noticing how you complicate your life, perhaps with one of the above scenarios.  Then, look for simple measures you can take to reverse this blueprint you've created for yourself.
Second, break issues down into smaller pieces.  For example, if you have a challenge with a colleague, write down the challenge along with what you want from this individual.  You may see patterns that are easy to correct or create a deeper understanding about this person that allows your approach to become more effective.  This will also allow you to see what's significant and what's not.
Enjoy your discoveries and have an exceptional week!


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