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Your Success Thought for the Week of August 5, 2008

Ignite Your Creativity

It saddens me to see people get caught up in the buzz around the economy these days. I’ve observed brilliant individuals begin to lose their edge with worry and fear.

The answers are simple yet often not easy. First, step back from your current situation to regain perspective. Then, allow your creativity to expand and flow.

When I hear a client say ‘I have no choice; it has to be this way,’ I get revved up for an intriguing exploration. Questions like the following help to reignite their creativity: ‘Why does it have to be that way?’ ‘Who is in control here?” ‘What fears hold you back?’ ‘Whose permission do you need?’ ‘What is the wildest approach you can imagine?’

Remember how excited you were to begin your current position? You had budding ideas of how you were going to do it better, faster, more effectively than your predecessors. The world was your oyster and you were excited, on fire, ready for action.

Then, over time, the day-to-day pressures become more apparent. Ever-changing realities threaten your enthusiasm and innovative approaches. People you respect seem off-their-game, more tense or impatient, less creative and alive than normal.

It would be easy to follow suit, yet your true success comes from knowing you have a choice. You can recapture your previous creativity, or you can sink down to levels of others wasting their days worrying about things for which they have little to no control.

This choice faces you daily. You know in your heart the only way to make a difference and thrive is to be creative in thought and action, and to encourage others to do the same.

Robert K. Greenleaf writes about the significance of creativity in The Power of Servant Leadership:

“I counsel you to be aware of your priceless gift of creativity. No matter how small and flickering a light it may seem to be at the time, cultivate it as a pearl beyond price. Whatever your competence in your chosen field turns out to be, and regardless of the size of the opportunities that may come your way, your imaginative capacity will measure the productive use of your strengths and opportunities. You must start out creative or you will never really be in the ball game.”

So there you have it. Creativity is vital in any economy, any business or leadership dilemma, any crucial conversation including (and most especially) those with yourself.

This week, look for ways to recapture your creativity and enthusiasm. Call upon others to do the same. We can be a society that frets each day or we can rise above all.

Have an outstanding week and enjoy your discoveries.


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