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Your Success Thought for the Week of July 8, 2008

Focused, Exhilerating Change

On the topic of change one wise reader wrote the following after last week’s ‘success thought’:

“I have to say that there is a particular “rush” that comes with change that can be rather addictive (in a good way). As you know, my spouse and I have always liked change, and every time we have lost sight of our love for change (like when we met you,) we were just not happy.”

Change is a good thing, and with a welcoming attitude and proper focus it can truly be exhilarating.

You asked for specific ways to make changes. Two areas of constant focus will guide you to wise, calculated changes to be the absolute best that you can be. Isn’t that how you want to lead your life - being the best that you can be?

Start with what works and finish with ways to make it even better.

1. Pinpoint, appreciate and cherish that which is working well for you today:

    • Your relationships (with yourself and others); even the messy or disheartening relationships as they teach you valuable lessons; your passion, wisdom, intuition and astute choices

    • The myriad of gifts bestowed upon you through the years, many of which you may have taken for granted or forgotten about

    • Recognize where you are in life, the person you’ve become, what you’ve experienced and accomplished through sheer brilliance and tenacity

    • The difference you’ve made in the world and specifically in other’s lives, some of which you may not even know

    • The difference others have made in your life because they cared and were present enough to do so

2. Maintain a constant eye on what you can change, modify and improve to make your existence even 1% more exhilarating tomorrow than it is today. Here are some changes that may seem simple (not always so) that have produced significant results for my clients:

    • Day to day ‘presence’ in meetings and at home, not constant distraction with your pressures, thus missing life’s greatest moments

    • Kindness to others and yourself, less impatience, more understanding. “Seek to understand before being understood.”

    • More questions, less instantaneous and often inaccurate assumptions which waste your time and energy

    • An action plan for desired changes, taking that first step rather than focusing upon changes that haven’t occurred or the reasons why, the latter of which holds you in a victim rather than proactive state

    • More forethought prior to important group and individual interactions.

    • Focus more on what you have than what you don’t have. Making a plan to attain what you don’t have if you truly desire it and if not, releasing these thoughts once and for all

If you select even one of the above areas of focus this week and truly put it to the test I believe you will feel that increased 1% sense of exhilaration - and, it will feel good. Let me know, ok? I truly enjoy your success stories.

Enjoy your discoveries and have a grand week.


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