"Let Wisdom Reign"
Your Success Thought for the Week of June 4, 2008

You can become a wiser, stronger, more deliberate leader sitting right there in your chair, without moving a muscle. Interested?

The average individual processes 60,000 thoughts a day. Two challenges occur with the way we typically process our thoughts:

  1. Without stimulation to change, we think the same 60,000 thoughts each and every day. We get angry at the same drivers, judgmental over the same situations; believe our same sabotaging self-talk.

  2. Even if you are an unyielding optimist, you cannot think positively 100% of the time. If you are optimistic, 80% of the time you are still open to 12,000 negative thoughts in a single day. You pessimists likely hate the fact that you are open to 12,000 positive thoughts each day as no one can be down on themselves and the world around them 100% of the time.

If processing the same thoughts day after day has worked for you all of these years, great. The rest of us have much more to learn, create and experience. As with any living object, if we are not growing and thriving, we are dying.

An indication that our lives could use improvement is that the most highly-prescribed field of medications in the US is antidepressants. Perhaps time has come for a change.

This change begins with you and it begins today. Here are a few 'thought' changes my clients have achieved:

  • Limiting thought: "No one else speaks up in meetings so I have to, yet people increasingly seem to tune me out. What's their problem?"

  • Wiser thought: "I dilute my contribution with too many opinions. I'll try speaking only when I can add value and ask questions to encourage others to contribute."

  • Limiting thought: "Stephen's lack of follow-through irritates me. I cringe when I have to work with him on an important project. I'll just do it myself. Ugh!"

  • Wiser thought: "I'll make a game of this. Stephen is a brilliant guy. I'll find a way to use his talents to get the job done, without taxing myself."

  • Limiting thought: "The board doesn't trust me. They dissect everything I bring to them. I don't see this with other presenters. Why me?"

  • Wiser thought: "Perhaps I am the one who doesn't trust 'me.' I've worried so much about their cross-examination that I may come across scattered, insecure. Next time, I'll present in a more confident, thorough manner and see what happens."

This is an excellent week to question your limiting thoughts, changing them into thoughts that will move you forward and not backward next week. Have fun with it. You may chuckle at how easy it is allow your inner wisdom to reign.

Have a great week and enjoy your discoveries.


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