"Reflection Time"
Your Success Thought for the Week of May 14, 2008

Have you witnessed yourself in this scenario: A major challenge occurs, soon occupying all of your thoughts? You talk about it, explore options and alternatives. You pressure yourself to come up with 'the perfect solution.' Then something takes you away from this thought process-a social event or child's ball game. Having forgotten about your challenge for a few hours, that sought-after solution suddenly appears to you.

What happened? In letting go of your self-imposed pressure, you allow your subconscious mind to explore ideas that would not normally come to you. A similar phenomenon happens during your sleep. Your solution may come in the morning after a few hours of well-deserved rest, and not be likely to happen during a night of tossing and turning - which resembles the struggle described above.

Many new clients tell me they don't have time in their day to quietly reflect on their lives, challenges, and goals. They are too busy. Yet without allowing the time to simply pause and 'be' rather than 'do,' some of our greatest ideas, solutions, and revelations escape us.

Reflection time need not take hours of planning and execution each day. It can simply come through several quiet moments of shutting the rest of the world out of your mind.

Below you'll find a few techniques my busy clients have developed to create time to reflect. With all of the following techniques, simply focus on your breathing or the space between your breaths, quietly shutting out the chatter in your mind.

  • Turn your phone or blackberry off for five minutes a few strategic times during your day. Shut your office door and close your eyes.
  • Drive or walk silently between appointments.
  • Vary your routes, so you'll not run into people you know. This is your time.
  • Pause for a moment to reflect on the sunset, spring blossoms, a child's laughter.
  • If life is crazy at work and at home, stop at a park or scenic spot for a few moments each day to simply breathe.
  • Plan a few moments of alone time prior to and after a big presentation or tough discussion.

You are a brilliant individual. As such, why not give your mind all the tools imaginable to perform at its very best. Allow times of reflection this week to allow your luminous mind to first rest and then to shine. The rewards will be well worth the minimal effort.

Have a grand week and enjoy your discoveries.


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What People Are Saying About Ann's Thoughts:

Often in life when a person learns a valuable lesson, or reads something very enlightening, or in some way stumbles upon something profound that could be beneficial not only to them but to others, they keep it to themselves. They don't want to let you in on "their secret" for fear that you might appear to be a smarter, more informed, or a more thought provoking person in other people's eyes, than they were before they shared their discovery with you. They want to be unique, and be the only one who can use this information to appear to be this deep, philosophical, and enlightened person to the people that they encounter. By withholding the information that they have benefited from; they are in a sense "stealing" from others, by "taking away" the privilege that these people could have used to improve their lives.

Your readers are lucky in that you have a sincere desire to share the insight that to help others attain the degree of understanding and comprehension that you have discovered. You willingly and freely "give away" all of your "secrets" in order to help people become better persons in both their work lives and family lives. I appreciate your generosity; thank you for sharing your wisdom and expertise with us.
~Karoline Beck, Columbia River Bank, Bend, OR

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