"Two Wolves"
Your Success Thought for the Week of April 16, 2008

A client recently shared the following story with me, which has quickly become a favorite among many of my other clients. And now I share it with you. Enjoy.

The Story of Two Wolves

A grandfather and his grandson were driving down a long country road. Grandfather decided to break the silence.

"Grandson" he began, "there are two wolves in my head that make my life most challenging. They are constantly present and constantly fighting for my attention. One wolf is a good wolf looking for the positive and good things in life. This wolf wants to watch out for others and be creative, seeing solutions, not merely problems.

"The other wolf is mean spirited, pessimistic, looking for the bad in people and situations. This overbearing wolf is constantly complaining and looking for a fight."

Grandson ponders his grandfather's words, imagining the battle going on in his grandfather's mind and asks:

"If these two wolfs are constantly fighting, Grandpa, which one will win?"

Grandfather looks pensively to his grandson and simply replies:

"Whichever one I feed!"

In glancing at the internet, you'll find wide variations of this story. Some take credit, but most say the source is unknown, possibly a Cherokee Indian Chief. The concept, however, is a familiar one-we all have two wolves or forces in our heads continually. Our mastery comes in shining a light on each one to show their true colors.

Some clients tell me they appreciate the negative voice as it gives them perspective, allowing them to see a scenario from all sides. Others tell me that the negative voice clouds issues, barraging them with thoughts that are not relevant.

My 'success request' for you this week is uncomplicated. Simply notice which wolf you are feeding-the creative problem solver or the fierce problem maker? Next, ask yourself who is doing the feeding. Is it you, your associates, friends, the media? Is it intentional or autopilot; for example, are you seeking out input or merely absorbing it?

Finally, take a close look at the results your selected 'wolf' produces. Is this really what you want? If so, congratulations! If not, time to restructure your feeding program.

Enjoy your discoveries and have a grand week.


Ann - 02-08 P. S. We'd love to hear how you used our 'Success Thought of The Week' in your business or personal dealings.

Hi Ann, Your Thought of the Week this week was PERFECT timing - perfect timing! I'm in Tahoe at a critical time trying to get a client into a HUGE agreement that will mean millions to him and his Family. This article might be just the ticket for getting his thinking adjusted!

~Ron Miller
Ron Miller & Company, Sunriver, Or.

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