"Same Scenario, Differing Views"
Your Success Thought for the Week of March26, 2008

Since moving into my office two years ago, I've worked diligently to put the pieces in place for an inspiring atmosphere. The wall-to-wall bookcase was followed by leather furniture, art, a water feature and professional organization. The mountain views were a bonus.

One item was absent since day one - a fireplace. Whether stemming from my Midwest upbringing or admiration of Feng Shui design, the warm ambiance of a fireplace would have been the finishing touch. Try as I did, there was simply no logical location.

Then, one month ago, I stumbled upon a new electric wall fireplace that required no floor space. It hangs on a wall like a fine piece of art. I was thrilled.

Upon installation, my contractor looked at this beautiful new fireplace with a crinkled forehead as if to say: "It doesn't have a mantel, isn't fueled by gas or wood, doesn't sit on the floor. What is the purpose of this piece of metal?"

It was clear that what I saw and what he saw were two completely different things.

  • Phil saw a large electric metal box with no practical function.
  • I saw the end of a two-year journey to complete my office.

By now, you've surely guessed why I share this typical tale of seeing the very same thing through different sets of eyes, and, clearly not seeing the very same thing, whether it be a fireplace, professional challenge, speech or negotiation.

And this happens every day between colleagues who've worked side-by-side for years. We each see life through our own lenses. What complicates issues is when big or small changes are in the works. With the slightest element of fear brought about by impending changes, we revert back to our long established individual tactics.

Our lenses are blurred by:

  • Our Personal History: Are we a pessimist or optimist, open to change or satisfied with status quo; eager to learn or tired of things constantly changing?

  • Physical Status: When we're in good physical shape, we have greater perspective. If we're out of shape or under the weather, we're less patient, perceptive, communicative ,and far less willing to hear another's view point.

  • Willingness to Listen: Our world opens up when we stop trying to control and guide what we see; instead, we ask questions and simply listen and learn different points of view.

This week simply notice where you may be looking at the very same scenario as someone close to you, yet the two of you see it through completely different lenses. How can you come closer together to expand your vision and see more clearly?

Enjoy your discoveries and have a grand week!


Ann - 02-08 P. S. We'd love to hear how you used our 'Success Thought of The Week' in your business or personal dealings.

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