"Leading in Tough Times, II"
Your Success Thought for the Week of March 12, 2008

Thanks to your comments from last week's Success Thought on 'Leading Through Tough Times,' we'll have new twists to explore today, so let's get right to it.

Martin from Providence, Rhode Island wrote:

"Today's leadership mandates perspective. I've lived through frightful economic times and the turn arounds. I've also witnessed the scars desperate leaders left behind. If I come into work carrying the weight-of-the-world on my shoulders, my team will do the same. That is not productive short or long term. In contemplating work each day, I consider the whole picture-my health, the health and happiness of my family, our many blessings, the strength of my ancestors, the future I'm creating through today's actions and attitudes. It keeps me sane. My people deserve a sane leader."

Ron from Lake Tahoe, Nevada wrote:

"What's most important to me as a leader in today's climate is: Focused Listening. Focused Observations. Focused Respect and Understanding others. Very interesting article, and a VERY critical one in today's world!"

Bobbie from Eugene, Oregon wrote:

"While I agree that one should demonstrate what they want from others on their team, the statement about "Come in early; stay late" seems inconsistent with what you have said in other newsletters about striking a balance in your life between work and recreation, also about the importance of self care - making time for exercise, relationship building."

As some of you may have shared Bobbie's same concern, here is my response:

"Know that coming in early and staying late does not mean a total lack of balance. If you know your team typically arrives by 8:00 simply appear by 7:50. When possible, walk out with the last person. This twenty-minute alteration in your daily schedule is a statement of support: "I'm in this game right with you, not watching from the VIP box." Balance is critical to great leaders. And life happens. When times are challenging, we make shifts in our daily habits and schedules accordingly. When leading a team who is discouraged due to the lack of business or phone calls, we make small sacrifices."

I hope you've learned from our wise readers' willingness to share. Let me know if this has been helpful.

Mastering the art of leadership is a not spectator sport. To succeed, you must be aware of who you are, acknowledge the influence you have on others (positive and negative,) and make timely changes accordingly. You are not in this alone, nor is your team. You are in this together ,and while you each have responsibilities, the end result is guided by you.

See what you can do to improve your leadership by even one percent this week. Your team will appreciate your extra efforts.

Have a great week and enjoy your discoveries.


Ann - 02-08 P. S. We'd love to hear how you used our 'Success Thought of The Week' in your business or personal dealings.

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