"Leadership Mastery"
Your Success Thought for the Week of January 23, 2008

A client once shared with me the effect that her director's periodic fowl mood had on her. To be supportive, she told him: "You're human; you can't be in a good mood every day." I disagreed. Leaders have a responsibility to be firm, level-headed, and not show the strain of their pressures to those who follow them.

Marginal managers can lead in the good times. It takes a true master to lead during challenging times. As many of your companies are being negatively affected, either directly or indirectly, by the current economic market, perhaps it's appropriate at this time to assess your leadership effectiveness and ask yourself: "Am I a marginal or master leader?"

Leaders who have reached the level of mastery know the following to be crucial:

  1. Even out your emotions: If you are overloaded, get support outside of your domain. You would be surprised at how often I hear of leaders displaying emotional outbursts, sharing their woes with the very people they lead. Your effectiveness multiplies if you 'never let them see you sweat.'

  2. Keep it professional: A recent USA Today poll of 900 readers showed the biggest sin a 'boss' can make is becoming friends with their staff. This sends mixed messages and complicates issues. While compassion is a vital trait of a master leader, know when to draw the line.
  3. Stay alert personally: Pressure builds up over time to the point that we often don't realize how much we carry. Release is critical. Seek out friends laughter, exercise, massage, yoga and other modes of behavior modification that affect your clarity, creativity and perspective. Make the time and choose wisely.

  4. Maintain proper focus: Your fears become your team's reality. They easily see beyond your words. You simply cannot camouflage it. Do you want your team to focus on the ominous market or innovative solutions to overcome it? Your focus, overall essence, body language, and actions will guide them.

  5. Be vigilant with whom you surround yourself: Need I say more? Be very careful of whom you allow to influence you, including the media. The naysayer or a pessimist that is entertaining during the good times is an annoyance now.

When someone puts their faith in you to lead a division or company, it is among the greatest of professional honors. It is also a mammoth responsibility. Demands multiply from every direction. This is your week to take a good look at who you are as a leader. Are you motivating or de-motivating? A 'title' does not a Master Leader make.

Enjoy your discoveries and have an insightful week.


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