"Cherish Your Freedom"
Your Success Thought for the Week of July 4, 2007

Each day brings reminders of just how free you and I are to live our lives. Some reminders come as positive messages--glimpses of the many freedoms (some listed below) that you and I enjoy each day. How often do we take these for granted?

Also present are the heart-wrenching reminders in that not everyone in our world is as fortunate as we are. I was harshly reminded of this fact in viewing the Daniel Pearl story this past weekend. A Mighty Heart Though aware of these realities in my mind, it yanked my heart from my chest watching it.

As the USA celebrates Independence Day this July 4th, for my readers outside of the US: also take this week to appreciate and cherish your freedom. Wherever you are reading this, please take a few moments each day this week to cherish the following areas of freedom that are available to you. Today, with few to no restrictions, you can:

  • Speak your mind openly and freely
  • Sing your lungs out in your shower or drive to work
  • Love whomever you wish, however you wish for, as long as you wish
  • Dress and present yourself outwardly to reflect what's happening inside
  • Live in the city of your choice, home of your choice, with whomever you choose
  • Create new viewpoints based on evidence not available to you yesterday
  • Make new friends based on intuition, not fear
  • Deepen old relationships with a simple, untapped phone call
  • Speak to whomever you want with respect and curiosity
  • Learn from the least suspecting people or resources
  • Laugh from your belly
  • Enjoy the beauty and simplicity of life
  • Be evaluated by who you are, not by your religion, nationality, or skin color.

Please enjoy these freedoms this week. Feel them deeply, as they are not available to everyone living in today's world. Remind those around you that independence is our way of life; it is a gift, and not something to take for granted.

Enjoy your freedom and have a safe and wonderful week.


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Ann Golden Eglé, MCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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