"Can't You Be More Like Me"
Your Success Thought for the Week of June 27, 2007

Face it: as brilliant and proven as you are, you still have shortcomings. For example, do you believe the world would be a lot better off if everyone were more like you?

You may catch yourself saying: "If only (name) were more decisive or clear-headed, or realistic, or patient like me, life would be so much easier. Our team would be far more effective. We'd make it through this project/these meetings with lightening speed."

Great learning presents itself through associating with people who are not like you. Life becomes more intriguing. You are compelled to stretch beyond your comfort zone. As enticing as it may seem to surround yourself with others that think and communicate like you, in time, it would get quite boring. Here's what you'd miss:

  • Optimist vs. The Realist: Both of these personality types need each other. Pessimists like to call themselves 'realists.' Perhaps it sounds more optimistic? Either way, our world has too many shades of grey to lock your thinking into any one category. As an optimist, it is easy to get instantly irritated at negative or 'realistic' viewpoints, though these views are often just what you need to see the full picture and to make important decisions accordingly. Realists benefit from listening to positive views in that it stretches you beyond your limited beliefs. The key to both styles is to be open to the validity of the others point of view.

  • Urgent vs. The Patient One: Both of these personalities drive each other nuts, yet are great for one another. While you urgent (a kind term for impatient) leaders believe that your pressure encourages a higher level of efficiency, it has the opposite effect. Oftentimes, you immobilize your people who fear that they are not acting fast enough. Mistakes are made; morale decreases. Be discerning and use urgency as a tool, not a standard mode of behavior. Patient ones have learned this and yet they benefit from being discerning as well. Sometimes urgency is needed. Know when to set aside patience in honor of decisiveness and progress.

  • Visionary vs. Detail-Oriented: Another way to look at this category is the creative vs. the naysayer. Leaders who easily look at the larger picture, see possibilities that others can't envision. You encourage fresh approaches and generate enthusiasm. The key for both of these valuable leaders is to listen, simply listen, to one another. Perhaps the entire vision won't work, but it will stretch others beyond where they were before. If the naysayer cuts this vision down prematurely, it stunts creativity. At the same time, the naysayer may have valid points to help from this vision and keep the company out of bankruptcy. Both types are needed to move the company, idea, or plan forward.

You may have seen yourself in one of these broad categorizations. If you want to learn more about your possible limiting behaviors, switch hats in your next meeting. If you are typically the realist, try being an optimist. See how this broadens your perspective. Enjoy the shock on your team members' faces when they notice this role reversal.

All that any of us want in life is to enjoy it more and experience higher levels of success across the board.

This week, simply notice where you hold too tightly to your familiar role. How does this block your success? Reach beyond what is familiar to you. Even a little stretch may bring noticeable results.

If you catch yourself wishing others were more like you, switch your thinking to 'what if I simply understood where they were coming from more accurately? What if I valued their viewpoint even though it is different from my own? What can they teach me? What can I teach them?'

Enjoy your discoveries and have a phenomenal week.


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Ann Golden Eglé, MCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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