"Reader's Moments in Time"
Your Success Thought for the Week of June 20, 2007

I heard from a many of you this past week regarding instances where you wish you'd have paused for your moments in time, which in hindsight were right in front of you.

Some of you experienced mishaps in communication, messages that were sent to you loud and clear, but you ignored due to the speed of your day. Each of you mentioned the value of breathing and taking in your individual moments in time.

Here are ways three readers found their own special moments in time this past week:

More Family Time

I cancelled cable in our home. Feels so good already! We are having a party to celebrate NO TV!! The kids are so excited. Just imagine the daily moments in time this will provide for us - not that they ever watch a lot, but enough to see that in time it will numb them. A great web site to look at is TV Turnoff if your other readers would like help in this area.

Jill Rosell, Bend, Oregon

Catch a Shooting Star

Just last night, I went out on our deck after sunset and looked up into the night sky at the myriad of stars. It was so magnificent, that I actually lay down on a bench and just stared up. While I was in thought and looking up, a very bright shooting star flared across the sky. It looked so close that I could reach out and touch it. What a moment in time.
I wanted to stay outside all night; it was so captivating. Thanks for helping us recognize that there are moments, if we look for them, that will enrich our lives - moments that wouldn't even be noticed without an intentional pause.

Steve Curley, Bend, Oregon

Kids Never Stop Teaching Us

This morning when my two year old son and I pulled into the parking lot for our usual Thursday music class, we noticed a garbage truck noisily picking up a large orange dumpster. Next to the garbage truck was a small grassy playground for a local preschool, surrounded by a three-foot fence.

As the truck replaced the dumpster safely on the ground, the garbage man got out of the truck in his bright orange vest and wheeled the dumpster carefully back into place. Above the din of the truck's machinery, I heard cheering.


All along the fence, for 20 to 30 feet, were three and four-year-olds hanging over the pickets, watching the garbage man in breathless adulation. "Yay, Garbage Man! " they screamed, clapping. At first, the man didn't hear them, and it seemed he would miss his enthusiastic entourage entirely (his moment in time.) Then, he turned and noticed them all glued to the fence like frenzied fans at a red carpet event.

One by one, the garbage man went to each little smiling face and shook a small hand. "Yay, Garbage Man!" they cheered.

What if everyone had that kind of unabashed enthusiastic support and genuine appreciation for what they do everyday? I can tell you one thing: that garbage man drove off to his next stop with a grin only 50 cheering preschoolers could inspire.

Jennifer Houston, Bend, Oregon

Thanks to all of you who shared your stories. Here's to another week of capturing those special moments in time that provide profound learning, allowing us to grow into more tomorrow than we were today.

Have a great week and enjoy your discoveries.


P. S. We'd love to hear how you used our 'Success Thought of The Week' in your business or personal dealings.

Ann Golden Eglé, MCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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