"Moments in Time"
Your Success Thought for the Week of June 13, 2007

While making my first cup of tea this morning, I glanced hazily out the window only to be greeted by a deer. While it's an everyday occurrence to see deer on our ranch, it's unusual to see a solitary one standing still, not eating or in search of the rest of the herd.

As I was about to turn on the morning news, something told me to stop and pay attention. I looked closer. It appeared that this deer had more than four legs. Perhaps there was a companion standing directly behind it and I could only see its legs, not the full body?

Further inspection took my breath away. It was a wobbly-legged fawn stretching as high as it could to reach its mothers milk. This was truly a magnificent moment in nature's time. I was allowed, perhaps even invited, to enjoy this intimate moment between a newborn (who was apparently born on our property just hours before) and her mother. To think that I almost missed it by turning on the news.

Moments later, the doe somehow communicated danger to the fawn, who then instantly dropped to the ground, hidden in the grasses. Had I looked out at that moment, I would have no idea that the precious baby was there, protected by its vigilant mother. Was this training for when a true predator appears?

The show continued as the momma walked away and the baby attentively weaved between her legs, trying her very best to be close to both protection and food. I chuckled out loud as my body filled with warmth and appreciation. Now that's a good way to start a day!

I was also saddened at the same time - saddened that the reality of my normal high- voltage day would have prevented me from noticing this magnificence. How true is this for all of us who choose lightening speed over simply 'being in the moment?'

My request of you this week is to stop often, breathe, and listen to the quiet whispers of your intuition. Simply notice the magnificent moments in time that may appear right in front of you, precious moments that you would otherwise walk by in the hustle bustle of your day.

Notice the richness this brings to all other aspects of your life, such as how much more effective your calmer communication may become; how accurate your insightful perceptions may be.

It would be interesting to hear what your quiet attention to your own intuition yields for you. Maybe our next Success Thought of the Week can highlight your feedback, stories to uplift and inspire all of us from your quiet 'moments in time.'

Enjoy your discoveries and have a dynamic week.


P. S. We'd love to hear how you used our 'Success Thought of The Week' in your business or personal dealings.

Ann Golden Eglé, MCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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I must say again, great article! One must surround themselves with the right people, under the right values, and in the right environment. Then there are real chances for quality of life! Thanks for your valuable weekly inspirations! "
~ RM, Sun River, OR.

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