"In or Out of Balance"
Your Success Thought for the Week of April 25, 2007

According to a recent survey by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), 53% of business executives have not achieved a satisfactory work/life balance. 46% replied that their balance worsened in the past five years.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, 80% of the executive respondents say they would either turn down or seriously consider turning down a promotion that would hurt their work/life balance. We are, in fact, a different generation than our parents who did not worry about being 'connected' 24 X 7.

In delving into this issue of balance with hundreds of clients and associates, I have found something that may surprise you. The key to creating more balance is not necessarily the demands that are placed on us at work. Rather, it is our lack of planning in our off-work hours.

When asked: "What prevents you from a more structured exercise plan or from taking those classes you desire?" clients more often than not reply on autopilot: "My long hours at work; never being able to keep up with the demands; sheer exhaustion."

Yet in drilling down deeper, I've learned that with some simple planning and maneuvering of priorities, balance can in fact be attained. Here are some examples of ways my clients have created more balance in their lives:

  • Flexible Work Hours: Perhaps your work hours are more flexible than you think. Perhaps you can do some of your work at your home office? Until you ask, how do you know? Is it possible to come in late, leave a little early, or extend your lunch hour to include a class, exercise, or time with a friend? All of these activities will bring greater perspective and creativity to ensuing productivity.

  • Creativity: If your children are asleep when you get home, or you only see your spouse in passing, it's time to create special rituals - something that is mutually beneficial and encourages communication. Have breakfast out once a week, meet for lunch, schedule weekly family or date nights. Involve them in the process. Make it something special, not merely another 'to- do.'

  • Make a Master Plan: This can be for your family or for you. We are used to making such plans for our work, in fact they are required. However, few of us take the time to plan out our family and off work time. For example, think of the dreams you've put on the back burner year after year? How can you begin to act on them and what will it take? Perhaps more help from the kids, from your spouse, hiring a personal assistant, housecleaner, or babysitter?

Break the out-of-balance cycle in which statistics say you are more than likely involved. Look at your needs this week and make adjustments to find more balance in your world. Those at work and play will benefit from being with the new and improved you!

Enjoy your discoveries and have a great week.


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Ann Golden Eglé, MCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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