"The Solution"
Your Success Thought for the Week of January 24, 2007

Struggles. We all have them. Our individual challenges run the gambit from self confidence to effective communication, feeling loved or understood, dealing with that one individual who drives us crazy, finding passion, remaining focused in daily chaotic situations, setting protective boundaries, finding balance to remaining positive.

We have a choice to focus on the struggle or on the solution. Whichever we choose, the struggle or the solution, we will justify our choice simultaneously as we actively generate this style of thinking to process the world around us.

If I am not positive today, I’ll find ways to justify these negative feelings. I’ll listen to the news, interact with someone who focuses on the dark side, and flow deeper into negativity as the day progresses, wondering why I can’t be more positive.

What we think is what we get. Our thoughts are reflected in our body language, stance, tone of voice and overall outlook. Not realizing we've chosen the struggle, we then wonder why everyone around us is so negative?

However, if we focus on the solution of being positive chances are high that we’ll find a string of activities and situations to substantiate just that. We may notice a patch of gorgeous flowers while walking to the mailbox or overhear group of giggling children or co-workers. We walk into each meeting with head held high, looking for the good in those around us and a glimpse of brilliance in what they have to offer even if we disagree.

As each of you progresses through this week, notice if your tendency is to focus on the solution or the struggle. If you catch yourself focusing on your struggle simply say “Stop.” Take a breath and change your attention to what you desire.

“I am positive. I am confident. I am dynamic. I am loved. I am understood. I am passionate. I am focused. I set protective boundaries. I love my life.”

Your focus will be mirrored back to you. Change your thinking, and it will truly change your results. After all, who else is producing results for you?

Have a great week and enjoy your discoveries.


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Ann Golden Eglé, MCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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