"Stop Talking and Dream"
Your Success Thought for the Week of September 14, 2006

Adam quite literally saved his life on Monday of this week when he stopped his thought process to dream up a new approach. Imagine what is possible for you.

Unless we have stimuli to change, the pace of our days causes you and I slip into old modes of thinking and behaving. This does not get us beyond where we were yesterday. Is that where you want to be? Here are some old patterns that we easily slip into, along with dream patterns to immediately shake things up:

“It’s impossible to have time to exercise and eat right with my schedule.”


Dream: I can control your schedule. What small changes will create time to take care of ‘me’ first?

“Staff meetings are a waste of time as we rarely accomplish anything.”


Dream: We are dynamic, brilliant individuals who are not living up to our potential. How can we inspire one another to grow? What haven’t we tried?

“I feel comfortable raising my sales quota by 8% every year.”


Dream: What if I were to raise it 33%, 50%, 120%? What if I focused on the dream? My due diligence will follow. If I begin solely with due diligence, my dream will not materialize.

“She never listens to me, so why even try?”


Dream: Apparently, my approach hasn’t worked in the past. I know I can get her attention. What are her motives? What truly intrigues her?

“Life used to be simple, predictable - now it’s too complicated.”


Dream: Life is richer than it was last year at this time. Challenging, yes, yet the possibilities are endless. Perhaps I’ll step back and appreciate simplicity rather than complexity this week. Ahhhhh.

“I’ve always been this way so---”


Dream: It’s a brand new day. I can be as creative, outrageous, dynamic, confident and attractive as I want. I dream of changing and creating a better me.

The biggest challenge preventing us from dreaming: We talk/think too much. As shown above, we talk/think the same statements over and over again rather than beginning to dream of new approaches. This is your week to shake things up.

How did Adam save his life this week? He had a tough Monday. Every challenge that could have presented itself to him did just that. As his weary body left work to do the typical errands on his way home, something told him to Stop. He felt like treating himself to a different route, one that presented lovely vistas, less traffic and time to breathe. He put in a soothing CD. He later learned that a fatal accident took place on his typical route home that he could easily have involved him.

Like Adam, I hope you treat yourself to time to dream this week. It could save your life, job or relationship.

I love hearing your stories of how these weekly success thoughts play out in your life. Please keep them coming as I truly value each and every one.

Have an outstanding week and enjoy your discoveries!


Ann Golden Eglé, MCC
Executive Coach & President
Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC

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